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Quote of the Week
“The chances of me actually making it were very, very low. I had the race of my life.”
- Adrian Cole  
- on making the Junior   
National Team   


Council received a second visit from AltaLink at the Governance and Priorities Committee meeting on Tuesday, May 25, as council wished to hear justification for the company’s plan to relocate a power line from the side of Bluff Mountain to the valley floor, alongside the Crowsnest River between Frank and Blairmore.
Don Player, Project Manager with AltaLink, told council that the current line is poorly placed and makes maintenance and repair difficult. The tower on the side of the mountain was damaged during the 2005 September snowstorm that knocked power out for several days, and took longer than expected to repair because of its location.
Player said that the current tower is unsafe to access and is in an awkward location. He said that they will be replacing the two-pole tower on the mountain with several single-pole wooden structures near the river. The line will run above the planned walking trail through that area, and directly above the picnic shelter.
Councillor Gary Taje, who has been the main opponent of the plan among councillors, said that the line has been in its current location for 60 years and has been out of sight, out of mind for local residents. “I’d like to see the line stay where it is, truthfully,” he said.
Councillor Taje argued that relocating the line would negatively impact the area, as some people don’t like walking under transmission lines. He added that he doesn’t feel they would be reducing any overall risk to their workers by replacing the towers on the mountain with even more poles in the valley floor.
AltaLink plans to proceed with an application to the Alberta Utilities Commission for the relocation in the coming weeks. A new round of public consultation will take place for one section of the relocation, where some changes in the plan have been made since their last consultations two years ago.
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