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Quote of the Week
“We’re not saying we’re taking any action. We just want to know what the property is worth.”
- Councillor Ian MacLeod  
- on appraising the Centre’s   
commercial value   


With the Crowsnest Centre closed and Lethbridge College having signed a memorandum of understanding confirming their planned move to the M.D. McEachern, the Centre and its land will soon lie vacant. With this in mind, council has passed a motion to determine the commercial value of the property.
At the May 25 Governance and Priorities Committee meeting, Councillor Larry Mitchell said that he had heard rumours that the municipality would sell the Centre property as soon as possible, despite a previous consensus that the land should remain in municipal hands for future use. He asked the rest of council if there was any truth to these rumours.
"I wouldn't put a lot of weight into rumours," replied Councillor Dean Ward at the time.
Councillor David Cole added, "Nothing's happening with the Centre right now."
However, at the June 1 council meeting, Councillor Ian MacLeod made a motion to have an independent property assessment firm determine the commercial value of the Crowsnest Centre land as it currently stands, as well as what the value would be with the building removed.
"We're not saying we're taking any action," said Councillor MacLeod. "We just want to know what the property is worth."
Councillor Larry Mitchell complained about the fact that this motion had been added to council's agenda at the last moment, giving some councillors no chance to review it ahead of time. This has been a common complaint during this council term.
Council passed the motion by a 4-3 vote, Councillors MacLeod, Ward, Cole, and Salus in favour. The cost of the assessment, up to $5000, will come out of land reserve funds.
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