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Quote of the Week
“We’re not saying we’re taking any action. We just want to know what the property is worth.”
- Councillor Ian MacLeod  
- on appraising the Centre’s   
commercial value   


Grade Six students at Isabelle Sellon School are tackling community issues in a special Social Studies project, and are making their voices and opinions heard at the municipal level.
The project, Voices of the Pass, saw the students researching numerous community issues that they identified as important. The students surveyed their friends and families to get a sense of what issues there were in the community, and once they identified the issue they wished to focus on, they delved deeper.
Some groups sought facts and information, while others interviewed people in the community connected to their issue. The students then took action of some sort –– some created petitions, others have organized events or fundraisers, while others are advocating positive changes.
The students presented their issues at an open community forum in the ISS gym on Friday, June 4. Members of council were invited to attend and listen to the students' concerns. Councillors Gary Taje, Ian MacLeod, Larry Mitchell, David Cole, and Dean Ward were spotted visiting the different tables set up by the students.
The issues presented touched on many aspects of local life. One student wanted council to create an area where local youth could create graffiti, so that more artistic efforts might be made and so that random graffiti might be lessened. Another group sought to have council change the animal control bylaw so that the limit on dogs per household would be raised from three to five, allowing people to keep more dogs if they wanted.
Three groups focused on the SPCA, two raising funds and one raising awareness. One group has planned a movie showing of Chipmunks: the Sequel for June 9 at 4:30 p.m. at the ISS gym, with a $2 cover charge to be donated to the SPCA.
Another group has organized a litter cleanup at Gazebo Park on June 12 at 1:00 p.m. The students will supply garbage bags and gloves, and hope to clean up some of the litter around town.
Two groups focused on the need for an indoor swimming pool in the Pass, with one advocating for a full, new recreation centre so that residents would have more healthy activities in town.
The issues went on, from broad to specific. One student advocated that the municipality be more careful with their winter road maintenance, to avoid damaging lawns or vehicles and plowing in driveways. Another group sought changes to the off-highway vehicle bylaw, one group raised money for the Food Bank, and another sought to have the River Run developers clean up their site if they aren't able to build soon.
One group planned to plant spruce trees in the community, while another advocated for a second town rounder that could be used to drive students to school when they have to walk too far. One group of students has planned a popcorn sale for June 9 around 12:30 p.m., to raise money for the local BearSmart program to help keep animals out of town.
Another group sought to get ice back in the Albert Stella Memorial Arena. One group of students aimed to encourage people to vote in the next election so that a new council could be formed to represent the people and get more things done. These students felt that not enough people voted in the last election, and provided information on how to vote.
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   Volume 80 - Issue 23 Website:www.passherald.ca   email: passherald@shaw.ca   $1.00   
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