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Quote of the Week
“Unless you’ve got something against mountains, this is one of the most scenic trails you can be on.”
- Joe Larsback  
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Spray Lake Sawmills will be starting their log haul on McGillivray Road earlier than the community had anticipated, and though council has expressed some concern about the change, it was agreed that the operation could commence.
After meetings with Spray Lake throughout the latter half of 2009, and after signing a road use agreement for the use of McGillivray Road, council had the impression that log hauling would not begin until after the Labour Day long weekend in September. However, council has now received notice that the haul is to begin as soon as possible in July.
Council, caught off guard by the change, requested Spray Lake attend one of their meetings to discuss the matter. At the Governance and Priorities Committee meeting on Tuesday, July 13, Woodlands Forester Martin Wilson attended to speak about the company's plans.
Wilson said that the September plan had been based on the information available to them at the end of 2009, but that the situation had changed in the meanwhile. He said that Spray Lake had not been aware that council felt strongly about the September start date, and had assumed it was flexible since it was not stipulated in the road use agreement signed by both parties.
The company, said Wilson, set their production targets for the year in the spring, and had known two or three months ago that they would need to start hauling in July. He admitted that they should have approached the municipality about it at that time. "We didn't," he said, "and we apologize for that." He said it was not their intention to mislead the municipality in any way.
Wilson said that Spray Lake's production targets have risen from 280,000 cubic metres in 2009 to 445,000 cubic metres in 2010. This is part of the reason why they wish to begin the log haul earlier.
... See the July 20 issue of the Pass Herald for the full story.
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