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Quote of the Week
“I’ve decided with the coming election that I will not run for mayor again.”
- John Irwin  
- on deciding to run for   
council and not for mayor   


Bags of garbage and other trash clogs up sewer lines
They say that one man's trash is another man's treasure, but this particular set of treasures has given the municipality a headache.
On Sunday, August 8, the municipality identified serious blockages on two sewer mains leading from the Bellevue sewer system to the Bellevue-Hillcrest lagoons. Municipal staff worked into the night repairing one of the two 8-inch lines, and pulled out, according to a press release, "a significant volume of construction materials, garbage, bags of clothing and other refuse".
CAO Gordon Lundy says that no sewage backed up into any houses, and that municipal staff worked very hard to clear out the one line so that sewage could flow through the system again. "They were very persistent," he says. "They did a good job for the municipality."
The second line, as of August 18, was still clogged up, presumably with the same trash as in the first line. Lundy said that the municipality's equipment for flushing the lines was not adequate to reach the blockage, and that a contractor with longer hoses was hired but was still unable to reach it.
"We are still continuing to try and determine the exact location (of the blockage)," says Lundy.
Ray Mahieux of Public Works told council on August 17 that the municipality would open up the sewer line and attempt to flush from a new point. If they manage to knock the blockage loose, he said that they will attempt to capture the refuse as it comes out of the line.
Mayor Irwin asked if Public Works could use a camera to view the blockage, but Mahieux said that the attempt was made and the camera goes black when it hits the blockage.
Lundy suggested that the municipality implement a capital project in the future so that the lines can be regularly flushed to prevent materials from building up.
The municipality subsequently issued a press release stating that acts of vandalism such as dumping trash into the sewers through manhole entry points can have a severe negative impact on the local sewer system, potentially causing sewage backups into residential homes or commercial buildings.
Residents are requested to report any unauthorized personnel working around or depositing items into manholes. The municipality says that only Public Works personnel or approved contractors are authorized to work around local manholes.
Anyone wishing to report something of this nature can contact the Municipality at 403-562-8833 or the after hours on-call number, 403-562-2021. Residents can also contact the local RCMP.
The total cost to the municipality for the repairs needed to clean and unblock the sewer lines is currently unknown.
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