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Quote of the Week
“I’ve decided with the coming election that I will not run for mayor again.”
- John Irwin  
- on deciding to run for   
council and not for mayor   


CAO Gordon Lundy submits retirement notice to municipality
It's been known for some time now, but now it's official –– Chief Administrative Officer Gordon Lundy has submitted his formal notice that he plans to retire as of December 31, 2010.
Lundy has held the CAO position at the municipality since 2004, acting as chief administrator during two full council terms. He will help a new council get started and work on the budget after this October's election before hanging up his proverbial spurs.
The municipality is currently searching for a new CAO who would take over at the start of 2011.
Lundy notes in his retirement notice that he has always aimed at five to seven years as a chief administrator in any locale before moving on and allowing someone new to bring their perspectives to the position. With the Crowsnest Pass being his last position, he says that he intends to remain here after retirement.
"The last six years has definitely been a challenge," says Lundy in his official notice. "Council has moved forward with updating, amending or passing a majority of our regulatory bylaws during this time period."
He adds, however, that the Municipal Development Plan has not been updated in this time, and he recommends that council move forward with this work in the near future, as the plan is now nine years old and in need of work.
Lundy says that long term planning done by council allows forward momentum on a planned basis rather than on an ad hoc basis, which has been characteristic of the past. He says that the municipality has made strides in this area, including multi-year operational and capital budgeting.
His accomplishments as chief administrator include using the Crowsnest Regulation to the community's benefit.
The Regulation allows the municipality's population to be viewed either as its whole or as the smaller populations of the individual residential areas and former towns.
Lundy used the Crowsnest Regulation to approach the province and have the municipal policing contract costs transferred. This saved the municipality hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Lundy says that he noticed that communities with populations under 2500 did not pay for their policing, and under the Crowsnest Regulation the Pass can fit into that category.
The Regulation as also used to secure $2 million in provincial funding for the Blairmore-Coleman Water Interconnect project, and Lundy says that Mayor Irwin was instrumental in getting this funding from the province.
He notes that the current Crowsnest Regulation expires in mid-2012, and that it is very important that the next council work toward renewing it.
Lundy says that the two councils he has served under have worked on a number of issues, but that there are other areas that need to be placed higher on the priority list. He says that he will review these areas with the new council prior to his retirement.
He adds that he feels the municipal management team and all of its employees provide the best possible service to local residents, and that the staff overall gives a high level of service, though there is always room for improvement. He notes that the municipality will be losing many of its experienced staff in future years, and that it is important to replace them with competent and dedicated individuals.
Councillor Gary Taje, at the August 17 council meeting where Lundy submitted the notice, thanked Lundy for all his work, saying that Lundy has always given the best advice he could even if council has not always agreed.
"I can honestly say he's been a pleasure to work with," said Councillor Taje. He said that he feels Lundy will be hard to replace.
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