Tuesday, August 31, 2010  
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Quote of the Week
“It’s been a long
time coming.”
- Sean Michalski  
- on the official opening of   
the new wading pool   


A Fragile Lens- Nathen Gallagher
I don't mean to brag, so let's call this next bit of writing an accident.
As of this exact issue, published on August 31, 2010, I have been the sole reporter and photographer for the Crowsnest Pass Herald for exactly five years.
This surprises even me, because the longest job I held before this lasted just under four months. Yet word by word, article by article, and photo by photo, I have as a mostly solo reporter completed nearly 250 separate issues of the Pass Herald over the last five years. I have most of them at home; it's a dangerously tall stack.
I can never say for certain how much longer I'll be around, but whatever happens I feel as though five years is a good, solid number. I've been around longer than most reporters, as long as we don't count CJPR's own Randy Spencer, whose record will never be topped. I've seen more than a dozen reporters come and go with my competition, and very soon will be seeing my third council take its place at the municipal office.
Have I learned anything in this time? Most certainly I have, lessons too numerous to even think of listing in a column such as this. I have met and spoken with hundreds of local residents involved in all manner of activity and with all manner of opinions. I have learned your names, forgotten them in the blur of work and faces, sheepishly asked for your names again, and probably forgotten them all over once more. I've had people disagree with me and I've disagreed with people, but above all I've always sought to do one thing –– to bring the community an interesting, informative, and sometimes controversial set of news articles and opinion pieces week in and week out.
If I have been successful at least some of the time, then I am satisfied with my efforts.
With that in mind, I want to thank everyone who has ever had kind words to share about my articles, either in general or about specific pieces. You are too numerous to thank individually, but your interest and enjoyment is all I could ever hope for, and it is appreciated.
Enough with the self-congratulation; let's get back to some controversy.
~ ~ ~
I won't go into this one too much at the moment, but I've been told that some people were misled by my front page sub-headline last week, which stated that the River Run developer had proposed a new, small project and council had said no.
Apparently some people, reading the subheadline and not bothering to read the actual story believed that the River Run development itself was being downsized, and that would be my fault for not being clearer.
I don't know if anyone who only reads headlines will bother to read this far down in my column either, but the story on last week's front page has nothing directly to do with the River Run development. The developer, Bill Bradley, is the same one doing the River Run project, but the proposal was for affordable housing on the sales centre property beside the Blairmore Legion.
My apologies if there was any confusion.
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