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Quote of the Week
“Music is one of the rare things in life that can transport you.”
- Shelly Groves  
- on the study of music   


A Fragile Lens- Nathen Gallagher
In this week’s episode of A Fragile Lens, we will examine one specific issue –– the coming election, and why the municipality is not trying to reach as many residents as possible with election information given that the Pass Herald has a circulation of more than 2300, significantly more than any other newspaper in the Pass.
As regular readers of the Pass Herald will know, the municipality currently does its advertising in only one newspaper, and this year it is not ours. With the 2010 municipal election nearly upon us, we have been informed that this policy will continue throughout the process, and advertisements related to the election, including nomination day, the advance poll, voter requirements, and polling station locations, will not be sent to the Pass Herald.
This means that the municipality is not prepared to pay any money to ensure that the Pass Herald’s readers –– a significant percentage of the population –– will be kept informed and up to date about election events and requirements.
We will not, of course, assume that there is any malice in this decision, but we feel it’s safe to assume that there is plenty of stupidity instead.
The municipality should be doing everything it can to ensure that as many residents as possible are informed and aware about the coming election. Council itself, which ultimately controls these policies, should be attempting to be as open and as transparent as possible when it comes to the election –– especially, I would say, those seeking re-election.
The argument was made to us that the election information is being sent out in the municipal utility bills. I myself do not receive municipal utility bills, as I rent an apartment, and I can’t be the only one who doesn’t get them.
If that is a sure-fire method, then why does the municipality bother with any other media at all? After all, the spring cleanup is advertised solely through the utility bills.
Instead, every media outlet in the community except the Pass Herald is receiving municipal election advertising. It seems that council is not terribly interested in whether or not you receive all the relevant information. How does council think Pass Herald readers should feel about that?
The decision has been made in any case, and there’s little that can be done about it. However, we at the Pass Herald feel that every resident should be as aware as possible about the coming election, and with that in mind we are seeking alternate methods to keep you, our readers, as fully informed as possible.
The advertisement that you see to the right of this space is not paid for by the municipality. The Pass Herald sought a sponsor, someone in the local community who felt like we do that everyone should be informed, and we are bringing you this information at virtually no profit to ourselves.
In addition, on Page 8 of this issue you will find a news article about the coming election, including nomination day, how to run for council, and further information on the election that we feel people should know.
All of this information is being brought to you by we here at the Pass Herald because even if the municipality refuses to do it, we believe that everyone should be fully informed and that as many voters as possible should be encouraged to come out and cast their votes on October 18.
We hope that you stick with the Pass Herald for ongoing, informative election coverage, which will include not only details on how and where to vote, but questions posed to each individual candidate leading up to the election, and full coverage of the candidates’ forum –– because the more information you have, the more confident you can be about your choices this fall.
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   Volume 80 - Issue 36 Website:www.passherald.ca   email: passherald@shaw.ca   $1.00   
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