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Quote of the Week
“Most of my best friends are over 70 years old.”
- Wendy Zack  
- on museum memories   


She’s been a fixture of the Crowsnest Museum for the past 11 years but effective September 26, Wendy Zack will no longer be the manager of the Crowsnest Museum.
Zack began her career with the museum in January 2000, taking over as the volunteer coordinator.
Zack said that the decision to leave the society, “is a decision that I have struggled with for some time now but in consideration of instances that have come about over the past three years and in particular the last seven months, I feel I can no longer effectively manage the Crowsnest Museum with its best interests at heart”.
Zack said that she is “no longer comfortable with some procedures being initiated and feels that little consideration is or has been given to the rights and best interests of our members and supporters”. Zach feels that there is, “a growing distrust and callousness being fostered by this direction and I feel strongly that the community’s perception of the Crowsnest Museum and the Crowsnest Historical Society hangs gravely in the balance”.
Zack said she could no longer work with present President of the Society John Salus. “I am disappointed when attending board meetings where I feel an unwillingness of some to consider or appreciate the opinions of others and where a few assume to know how the rest should conduct themselves”. She feels there is little board unity and of late it appears some directors have a, “general disregard of respect for each other and for the staff at the Crowsnest Museum”.
The board consists of John Salus, President, elected in Feb. 2010. This is his fourth year on the board. Vice President Bruce Decoux, whom Wendy is, “very sad to no longer be able to work with because his heart’s in the right place”. Treasurer Henry Bruns, Secretary Stephanie Hamilton (new to the board), Directors Donna Watt, Claire Allum, Bill Paton, Don Harvey and Joanne Wilson.
Zack did note that she enjoyed working with Donna Watt over the years. She also wanted to thank Stephanie Hamilton for her enthusiasm and tenacity in solely recreating the museum’s educational program and instituting another successful and profitable fundraiser – Booze and Bars. Zack said that she wished she could have spent more time working with board Vice President Bruce Decoux, “who has a ton of knowledge and a respect for the position”.
Zack leaves her position with some great memories and some fine accomplishments of which she is very proud. “I feel that my legacy to the museum is that I helped to instill confidence and pride in the museum and helped foster community support.” In her years at the museum she has met many people who have made an impression in her life. “Most of my best friends are over 70 years old”.
With the help of Anne Spatuk, Zack worked many years to fundraise money needed for the installation of an elevator in the building. “It was Anne’s dream and together we made it happen.” Zack worked for eight years to get the funds to purchase and install the elevator and it was done 100% through community donations.
One of Zack’s personal achievements is the museum’s part in the celebration of businesses in the community.
Through Zack the museum was a part of the millennium anniversaries of Summit Lime Works and Morency Plumbing and Heating, and celebrated the history of the Royal Bank and The Pass Herald. The museum also did a Veterans Exhibit to celebrate all the military ties to the Crowsnest Pass, the army, navy and air force, with the help of our local veterans.
Zack’s fondest memory is Evan Gushul’s exhibit, “My Life, My Work” which ran in conjunction with Gushul’s 90th birthday party celebration. When Zack began working at the museum the Gushul family had just started to make arrangements to bring their collection to the museum and over the years have continued to add to the collection. The highlight was the 2006, 90th birthday of Evan Gushul arranged by the museum at the Coleman Seniors Centre in which 300 people came to celebrate the event.
Donna Watt, a board member, who has worked with Zack said, “I am perpetually amazed at what she has been able to accomplish with so few resources”. As a board member who has worked closely with her, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for all she has done. “She has put her heart, her soul and her weekends into this museum. I sincerely hope the community appreciates what she has done for this place”.
Watt notes, “Wendy has worked tirelessly to have this place designated with ‘recognized museum status’ with the Alberta Museums Association. Without it the society would not be eligible for their funding and the status gives validity to the fact this is a properly run museum”.
The Museum is given minimal operational funding by the municipality and do not have a member of council sit on the board. Chairperson John Salus is not on the board as a member of council, but as an elected member of the board.
For the past few years the municipality has given the museum $18,000 to help offset their $150,000 annual budget.
Wendy has enjoyed her time with mentors Fred Bradley and Farley Wuth, a member of the Kootenay Brown Pioneer village who helped Zack when she first started her museum job.
Since the beginning of her career Zack has worked with her counter-part Michelle Cavanagh and will miss their professional relationship. “I’m going to miss working with Michelle. Her dedication and wealth of knowledge is inspiring”.
Zack will still be involved in the Crowsnest Pass and will be the new face at Alan Martini Chartered Accountant’s business as an accounting technician. She will begin her work there in early October.
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