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Quote of the Week
“We’ve talked about it for quite awhile. We know that we’re not convenient to a lot of people.”
- Dr. Alan Garbutt  
- on a new walk-in clinic   
It's no secret to Crowsnest Pass residents that the historic Greenhills mine site, located directly east of the golf course in Blairmore, has been a tremendous mess for quite some time –– a haunt of local youth for parties and paintball, filled with crumbling buildings and scattered debris. What may be less well known is that the provincial government is currently taking steps to clean up some of that mess and make the property significantly less hazardous.
Parker Hogan, Director of Communications for Alberta Culture and Community Spirit, says that the province is currently undertaking a $456,000 environmental cleanup project at the Greenhills site.
He says that this is part of ongoing work across the province, which also includes environmental cleanup projects at the Turner Valley Gas Plant and at Bitumount in Fort MacMurray. "These are three areas that are under the jurisdiction of our department as places of historic interest," he says.
Hogan says that the work at the Greenhills site includes the removal of two underground storage tanks and one sump, along with the removal of asbestos and other biohazards from the site. Hogan says that the other biohazards predominantly include such things as bird and mouse droppings.
The most visible part of the work, however, is the removal of seven buildings and one other structure that have been deemed physical hazards on the site.
Hogan says that all buildings on the site were recorded by a heritage recorder earlier this summer before any removal was done, so that their materials and layout are known for historical purposes.
The removal work began on August 23, and is scheduled to be completed by the end of September.
The seven buildings being removed include the machine shop, which had been burned to the ground, and both the fire station and the lime building, which had collapsed. An addition to the compressor building will be removed, as will three other buildings that are in danger of collapsing –– the locomotive building, the boiler house, and the electrical building. A weigh scale, which is in danger of collapsing, will also be removed.
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