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Quote of the Week
“We’ve talked about it for quite awhile. We know that we’re not convenient to a lot of people.”
- Dr. Alan Garbutt  
- on a new walk-in clinic   


With five doctors soon to be a part of their roster, the Crowsnest Medical Clinic is expanding to open a new walk-in clinic location in what has arguably been a medically under-served area of the community –– Coleman.
"We've talked about it for quite awhile," says Dr. Alan Garbutt. "We know that we're not convenient to a lot of people."
With the return of Dr. Kristy Penner in November of this year, the Bellevue clinic will be home to five doctors, enough to allow the clinic to expand its services into Coleman. While they will still be doing most of their booked appointments in Bellevue, and while the Monday morning walk-in program in Bellevue will continue, a full time walk-in clinic will be established in Coleman.
Located beside the Coleman Remedy's Rx pharmacy along Highway 3 in Coleman, the new clinic will be open for walk-in patients from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day.
Dr. Garbutt says that they will rotate their doctors in and out, such that the doctors who will be at the Coleman clinic will vary from day to day and week to week.
The new walk-in clinic is planned to officially open on Monday, October 4. Dr. Garbutt warns that there might be a few blank days where no doctor is available through October, but once Dr. Penner returns in November the walk-in clinic should be available all the time. "The vast majority of days, there will be someone there," he says.
He adds that they will be running some of their teaching programs in the Coleman location as well.
Dr. Garbutt says that this added branch of the Crowsnest Medical Clinic will give local residents better access to doctors. In addition, he says, it puts them closer to the high school, and he hopes that they can have a better presence there in the future.
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