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“It all started back in Isabelle Sellon School. That’s a thing about Blairmore, you got such support and encouragement.”
- Louis Hobson  
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Director of Operational Services oversees Public Works
The municipality's Public Works department has undergone a number of changes in its management structure over the past several months, and now has a new face, the Director of Operational Services. The position has been recently filled by Myron Thompson, who comes to Crowsnest Pass with more than 20 years of experience in municipal operations.
Thompson, originally from Saskatchewan, was most recently the Assistant CAO in Sylvan Lake, a town of approximately 11,500 people. He has experience in nearly all core areas of municipal operations, including planning, development, operations, and recreation.
He says that the challenge and the opportunity brought him to Crowsnest Pass, along with the outdoor recreation available here. "I always wanted to be in the mountains," says Thompson, who enjoys fly fishing and bow hunting. "It's beautiful here."
As Director of Operational Services, Thompson will oversee all Public Works functions, though the position differs slightly from the former Public Works Superintendent job. Thompson will oversee capital projects, development functions, short and long range planning, the electrical distribution system, coordinating with other departments, working with consultants, and applying for grants, and communicating with the media, among other duties.
Thompson says that he is coming into the position with an open mind. "I'm going to do a lot of listening," he says.
Though he has only been on the job a few days, Thompson has been familiarizing himself with the Public Works staff and the municipal office, getting up to speed on current projects and preparing to meet for the first time with various agencies that work with the municipality.
He says that the critical priority for the moment is to deal with functions that must be completed before winter. He will also be involved in the upcoming budget process, and is joining the municipality on the cusp of a new council and a new CAO within a few months.
While he is still learning more about the position and the community, Thompson has been observing local processes and getting a sense of what he can bring to the municipality.
"One of the things I've noticed is remnants of the amalgamation process," he says. "Definitely that creates challenges in unifying the service delivery." He says that he knows it can sometimes take generations to unify everything after an amalgamation.
"My hope is to provide a fresh approach," says Thompson, "to finding efficiencies, working with staff. We have some great staff here." He adds that he hopes to provide some leadership and bring his skills to use for the municipality.
He has obtained temporary accommodations in the Pass at the moment, but will be joined by his wife after the new year, when he plans to move here on a permanent basis.
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