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Quote of the Week
“It all started back in Isabelle Sellon School. That’s a thing about Blairmore, you got such support and encouragement.”
- Louis Hobson  
- on his award-winning play   


19 council candidates, 3 mayoral candidates will vie for votes
Nomination Day has come and gone, and residents now have a full list of candidates for the 2010 municipal election. It will be one of the largest elections in recent memory, as a total of 22 candidates have put their names forward –– 19 for council and three for the mayor's chair.
There were a number of surprises to be had on Nomination Day, which took place Monday, September 20. Residents will have plenty of people to choose from when they cast their ballots on October 18, or in the advance poll on October 13.
Three individuals have put their name in as mayoral candidates, none of whom have been mayor before, ensuring that the community will be represented by a new face for the next three years.
Running for mayor are: Bruce Decoux, a retired school district superintendent; John Prince, who served on council several terms ago; and John Salus, a member of the currently sitting council.
Running for council are the following individuals:
Steve Bottrell
David Cole
Siegbert Gail
Brian Gallant
Doreen Glavin
George Hoff
John Irwin
Sasha JaegerBaird
Jerry Lonsbury
Ian MacLeod
Larry Mitchell
Douglas Raines
Emile Saindon
Andrew Saje
Merle Sandau
Gail Sygutek
Jamie Thomson
Donald Vaters
Dean Ward
Of the current members of council, John Irwin is the current mayor and is seeking a position as councillor, while John Salus is a current councillor and is seeking a position as mayor. David Cole, Ian MacLeod, Larry Mitchell, and Dean Ward are all current councillors seeking re-election.
Gary Taje, the only current member of council not seeking election in some form, explained his decision at the September 21 council meeting.
"My job has really made it impossible," said Councillor Taje. His work has kept him out of the community for long periods of time over the past year, and he has often had to perform his councillor duties via teleconference. He said that he would have liked to run for council again, and that he will miss the campaign, but decided that it would not be feasible.
"I'd like to thank the people of the Crowsnest Pass for giving me the opportunity to work for them," he said. This has been his sixth straight year on council.
When residents go to cast their ballots this October, they are allowed to vote for a maximum of six council candidates and one mayoral candidate. They may, however, vote for fewer than the maximum if they wish, and do not have to cast a vote in both areas.
The advance poll will be held Wednesday, October 13 at the Elks Hall in Blairmore, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The full election will take place Monday, October 18, also from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., at polling stations in each area of the community.
Watch the Pass Herald for coverage of the Chamber of Commerce's candidates forum, and for responses from candidates to a questionnaire that will be given to them.
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