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Quote of the Week
“It all started back in Isabelle Sellon School. That’s a thing about Blairmore, you got such support and encouragement.”
- Louis Hobson  
- on his award-winning play   
When Louis Hobson was growing up in the Crowsnest Pass, he was always deeply involved in the world of theatre. Now, after reviewing live theatre for the Calgary Sun for the past 35 years, his latest play is winning praise across the province.
"It all started back in Isabelle Sellon School," says Hobson. "We put on real dynamite plays at Isabelle Sellon. That's a thing about Blairmore, you've got such support and encouragement."
From his roots in the Crowsnest Pass, Hobson has become a widely recognized voice in the Alberta theatre scene, as a critic, a playwright, a teacher, and an actor. His latest play, Almost A Love Story, has been a hit on both the Calgary and the provincial level.
Hobson says that he initially wrote the play as a challenge for actor Neil Hardy, and to perform in the 2010 Calgary Region Festival. The play won Best Overall Production at the festival, along with Best New Script, and was granted a place in the Provincial Drama Festival in Whitecourt, along with eight other plays from across the province.
"It was an incredible competition," says Hobson, noting that three of the plays were original scripts. Once again, Hobson's play won the award for Best Overall Production. The play also featured in the Calgary Fringe Festival, where it struck a strong chord with audiences.
Almost A Love Story is the tale of a young university student whose father passed away 18 months before.
The son learns that his father carried on a four-year affair before he died, but the affair was with another man. The son confronts the man to learn who his father really was.
Hobson says that at every performance, people wanted to stay and talk about the subject matter, and that lots of people say they know the story from their own personal experience.
"I was blown away," he says. "We played to capacity houses and audiences were really, really enthusiastic."
Hobson, who is the godfather of Pass resident Dee Dee Sagrafena, says that he is currently considering expanding the play into a full length 80 minute production, up from its current 63 minutes, which would make the play easier to market. "We've had a lot of interest in it," he adds.
This is the second time one of Hobson's plays has won the Calgary festival. He has been involved in the world of theatre for most of his life, and even today still takes up the mantle of actor when called upon, as he was during one of the showings of Almost A Love Story.
"I really want to bring one of my plays to Blairmore at some point," says Hobson. He expresses disappointment that live theatre is not as big a part of life in Crowsnest Pass as it was when he was younger, and says that at some point he would like to try bringing some of that back to the community.
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