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Quote of the Week
“It all started back in Isabelle Sellon School. That’s a thing about Blairmore, you got such support and encouragement.”
- Louis Hobson  
- on his award-winning play   


A new municipal policy suggested by Councillor Dean Ward led to discussion at the September 21 council meeting, and ended with an odd bit of motion-making.
Councillor Ward brought forward a motion to enact a policy that no member of council may "endorse any project, appear in any promotional video, pamphlet, or publication of any type, or attend shareholders meetings, without first presenting to council the reason for such involvement and receiving its approval."
He said that he was concerned that when a member of council gets involved in private projects, it can be seen as an endorsement by council or the municipality. He said that he was referring specifically to a Bridgecreek promotional video put out several years ago, which featured, among other things, the mayor endorsing the community and speaking positively about the company's development plans.
Councillor Ward clarified that he did not intend the policy to limit a councillor's ability to volunteer at an event or appear in marketing that promotes the community itself, nor the ability to attend a shareholders meeting as a private citizen.
Councillor Larry Mitchell said that he would rather see councillor actions governed by the Municipal Government Act, which already lays out guidelines for appropriate councillor behaviour. Mayor John Irwin said that council should at least see if the policy is in line with the Municipal Government Act first.
Councillor Gary Taje said that he understood the concern that prompted the suggested policy, but said that if it is to be a serious policy, it should be developed as a formal policy instead of simply passed as a single statement. "It should be in the form of a policy," he said.
He made a motion to table the matter and have administration bring it back as a formal policy for discussion at their next committee meeting. Council defeated this motion by a 4-3 vote, Councillors Ward, MacLeod, Cole, and Salus opposed.
Councillor Ian MacLeod then made a motion to have administration bring back a full formal policy to the next meeting, essentially the same motion that council had just defeated. Council passed this motion unanimously.
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