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Quote of the Week
“We’re delighted, and commend both negotiating teams for bridging the gap.”
- Nic Milligan  
- on the end of the Coal   
Mountain strike   
Trio of mayor hopefuls make their case
The Crowsnest Pass Chamber of Commerce held a public election forum at the Elks Hall in Blairmore on Monday, September 27, giving residents a chance to ask questions of this year's candidates. Residents filled the 230 seats and then stood along the walls, in the hallways, and outside the door, as up to 350 people in total attended the forum.
The three mayoral candidates in the upcoming election -- Bruce Decoux, John Prince, and John Salus -- fielded a number of questions in a 20-minute question session dedicated to the mayoral race. Val Danielson moderated the session.
Decoux was asked where he stood on a future recreation centre for the Pass. "A rec centre for the Crowsnest Pass is something long overdue," he responded. "It's a good idea if we can pull it off." He said that with proper planning and assistance from external grants the Pass may be able to afford to build one, but the problem would then be the annual maintenance cost, which the community would need to be prepared to cover.
Prince also fielded the question, saying that a new rec centre has to be a top priority and that he would work toward attaining one. "I think it's something that's not only needed," he said, "but in order for us to grow as a community it's necessary."
The candidates were asked about the River Run property in Blairmore, which did not have to put up a full security bond and is now sitting empty. Decoux said that he senses problems such as this have arisen because of a lack of proper policies, and that the municipality tends to deal with things on an ad hoc basis. He said that the municipality needs sound policies to ensure such a thing doesn't happen again.
Salus replied that council has already set down a new policy to require 100 percent security on developments, and said there is not much else that can be done besides waiting for the economy to recover so that the property could potentially be developed.
A third question asked what initiative would be taken to bring money into the community instead of focusing too much municipal energy on old buildings. Salus said that he would like to see a marketing director work for the municipality to promote the community.
Prince said that for years now the Pass has had a reputation as a place not to do business, and that he believes a new mayor and council will show that the Pass is now open for business instead. He said that he believes the Pass can see success similar to Pincher Creek and Fernie.
Each candidate has a brief closing statement. Salus said that he is a successful businessperson who knows how to plan and that he believes in good leadership.
Prince said that he believes the community needs, in his words, "a common sense revolution," restoring confidence, transparency, and accountability. He said that the Pass has a spending problem, not a revenue problem, and that we need to embrace the world and be open for business.
Decoux said the Pass needs to change the way it does business, which in his words is not voodoo and not rocket science, but simply requires hard work. He said that the economy is like a jigsaw puzzle that needs to be put together, and that if he is elected he will within two weeks make a motion to strike a short term task force to bring council a plan to put that puzzle together. "Right now we're simply wandering," he said.
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