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“This is something to build healthy lifestyles.”
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Council has decided against a proposal to lower council stipends and honorariums for the next term, instead choosing to keep it at the same level as the past three years.
Councillor Larry Mitchell made a motion to reduce stipends and honorariums paid to all members of council by five percent. "We've asked everyone else to tighten their belt," he said. "It's only fair that municipal council should tighten its belt."
Council reduced grants to most outside organizations by 10 percent in the budget, leading to Councillor Mitchell's proposal.
Councillor Dean Ward said that he was opposed to the proposed reduction. He said that between 2005 and 2010, council stipends increased by 5.7 percent. This is over two council terms, meaning an average increase of 2.85 percent per term.
Councillor Ward said that reducing council stipends would save only $5110. "It's a meaningless total in the grand scheme of things," he said. "Personally I think councillors earn what they make. It's a token wage for what can at times be a very hard job."
Agreeing was Councillor David Cole. "It's minimal," he said, "it's nothing."
Councillor Gary Taje agreed that councillors in the Pass are probably underpaid, and that it is not an easy job.
Mayor John Irwin said that he would have been willing to support the motion in April, when Councillor Mitchell first made it but was told to wait, because of the shape of the economy at that time. "However," he said, "the economy is coming around. At this point I would say leave it as it is."
"It's not the dollar figure," said Councillor Mitchell, "it's the principle. We should be setting an example."
The motion to reduce the stipends was defeated by a 6-1 vote, only Councillor Mitchell in favour.
Councillor David Cole then made a motion to hold council's wages at their current level for the next term. This was carried by a 4-3 vote, Councillors Taje, Mitchell, and Salus opposed.
Council members in Crowsnest Pass receive $70 per meeting, with a monthly stipend of $800 for the mayor and $500 for councillors. Council members receive $160 for meetings longer than six hours, and $50 per day for meals and other costs when they are out of town on council business.
In the Town of Pincher Creek, council members receive $60 per committee meeting, $120 per council meeting, and $120 for a meeting over four hours. Out of town business rates at $60 for a half day and $120 for a full day for expenses. Monthly stipends are at $600 per month for the mayor and $250 per month for councillors in the Town of Pincher Creek.
In Claresholm, the mayor earns on average $483 per month, councillors receiving $267. Members of council are paid $120 per council meeting, $100 for a half day, and $200 for a full day. They are paid $20 per hour for council business outside of regular meetings, such as committee meetings.
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