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Quote of the Week
“I’m very sympathetic toward the Food Bank but I’m not sure this is the best location.”
- John Irwin  
- on the Food Bank’s new   
building proposal   


Planned location may be on top of water line
The Crowsnest Pass Food Bank has applied to build a new home in a new location, but a possible wrinkle in the plan has led to a further delay that may again hinder their efforts to operate in a facility of their own.
A special meeting of the Subdivision and Development board was held on Thursday, October 14 to consider the Food Bank's application. The Food Bank intended to purchase a lot and a building from Greenmore, a company related to but separate from the Southmore development, which owns three lots on the corner of 119th Street and 19th Avenue in Blairmore, across from the Sustainable Resource Development office and compound.
Terry Grinevitch, president of the Crowsnest Pass Food Bank, says that the Food Bank would be able to purchase the lot and building from Greenmore for less than it would cost to service and install a building on the property provided by the municipality, near the former Blairmore Seniors building, further west on 19th Avenue. Though the land was provided for free by the municipality, he says, the cost of installing services and putting a building on it would be higher than the cost of working with Greenmore.
"We are hoping to put this project together this winter," Grinevitch told the subdivision board. He said that the Food Bank has been struggling since it had to move from the Crowsnest Centre to its current downtown Blairmore location, with the higher rent and non-ideal space that move entailed.
Their proposal is for a single building on the southwest portion of one of Greenmore's three lots. The lots were originally sold to Southmore for the creation of a show home. The building would be placed directly across from the northwest corner of the forestry building's block, and was situated at the edge of the lot to avoid a utility corridor running down the middle of the lots.
However, neighbouring property owner John Irwin, longtime mayor of the municipality, spoke in opposition to the proposal and told the subdivision board that the building's proposed location is actually directly on top of a water line that runs through the lots. "I'm very sympathetic to the Food Bank," he said, "but I'm not sure this is the best location."
Irwin said that he was mayor when the water line was installed, and that it is further south on the former municipal green space than the planners believe. He said that the Food Bank's planned building would be on top of the line, which would cause a serious problem if any work ever needed to be done on the water line.
The subdivision board requested a map showing the location of the water line, but the map was reportedly too small to be certain exactly where the water line was. Irwin said that larger maps were once made but were thrown out by a previous council.
Board chairperson Wayne Varty suggested that the matter should be tabled to locate the exact position of the water line. "I would never approve building over a water line," he said.
Board member Bill McIntyre made a motion to table the issue for more information, seconded by Varty, but the two council-appointed members of the board, Dean Ward and John Salus, voted against the motion, which was tied and thus defeated.
Salus said that he felt it was an urgent matter that needed to be dealt with. Ward made a motion to table until a new special meeting on Monday, October 18 -- the last guaranteed day that both he and Salus would be on the subdivision board, as it was election day. The motion passed unanimously.
Other members of the public at the meeting were told that they would have to wait until the next meeting to speak, since the matter had been tabled. The results of the Monday meeting were not yet known to the Pass Herald as of press time, but will be reported in the next issue.
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