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Quote of the Week
“I think this election has given us a fresh start and a clean slate to work with.”
- Mayor-Elect  
Bruce Decoux  
- on the 2010   
election results   
The Subdivision and Development Committee held a second special meeting, on Monday, October 18, the last day of the term where councillors could take part before a new council was assigned, and approved the Crowsnest Pass Food Bank's application to use a lot on 19th Avenue Blairmore for a new home.
The lot, owned by Greenmore, is one of three lots directly across from the forestry building. There was a question of whether or not the planned building location was on top of a waterline, a question that was resolved before the meeting.
The building was planned to be 60 feet wide and run 34 feet deep into the lot. A surveyor who was contacted indicated that the water line was at the 35 foot mark in the property, while Public Works, without physically digging, determined a distance of 31 feet, but added that this was not exact.
The building would be located at the very front of the lot, as the middle and back of the lot are dominated by the water line and a sewer line.
John Irwin, speaking in opposition to the proposal, added that there are buried electrical lines that would need to be moved as well. Development officer Bev Cole noted that the property owner is aware of this and says that they will relocate the lines to the back of the property.
"I think we just need to look at some other site," said Irwin. "I don't think it will work." He said that if work ever needed to be done on the water line, workers would need ten feet to either side as a construction zone, and that the building would block this.
John Salus, a council representative on the board along with Dean Ward, asked why the land was sold to a developer if there is nowhere to build on it.
"That's a good question," said Irwin, adding that he voted against council's decision to sell the land, and had explained himself at the time.
One local resident who was in attendance asked why the Food Bank could not just use an empty building that already exists, as there are several in Blairmore.
Carmellia Saretzky, coordinator for the local Food Bank, explained that they cannot receive grants to cover the cost of rent and utilities, which means that most of the money they have go toward these costs, which does not leave enough to buy food. The Food Bank feels that their rental costs at their current location on main street Blairmore are too high for their situation.
Mike Burla, a planner with the Oldman River Regional Services Commission who advises the board, said that if the application was approved there will need to be expert measurements made before any construction, to determine how or if a building could fit on the property. He said that he has concerns about a building being so close to a major utility right of way.
Salus made a motion to approve the use of the lot, subject to a development permit, a building permit, surveyor stakeouts, and the relocation of any power, cable, and phone lines, and that any additional easements on the property be registered.
The board voted 3-1, Bill McIntyre opposed, in favour of this motion. A number of other approval processes will need to be undergone before any building can be placed on the property.
Terry Grinevitch, president of the Crowsnest Pass Food Bank Society, says that the Food Bank currently helps 85 families, each of which can receive up to six food hampers per year. He said that parking on the property would be minimal, as the Food Bank is only open for a small number of hours two days per week.
The municipality had offered the Food Bank a lot further east on 19th Avenue, near the former Blairmore Seniors building, but Grinevitch said that this will not work. He said that by the time services are installed and a building put on the property, it would cost more than working with Greenmore. In addition, he said, corporate donators who are willing to help them out with costs do not want to commit any money unless they were certain the work would be finished -- however, the municipality insists on a clause that the property would return to them if the Food Bank went under, which makes lenders and donators wary of putting their money into the project.
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