Tuesday, November 2, 2010  
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Quote of the Week
“We are anxious for a management team and council who will work collaboratively for our community.”
- Lynne Cox  
- Director of Legislative and   
Human Resources Services   


New Girl In TownFew things in life are scarier than throwing all of your eggs into one basket. Last week, I did just that when I completely uprooted my life and moved to the Crowsnest Pass to begin my next stage in my career as the Pass Herald's reporter.
Having only been to the Pass all of a handful of times throughout my lifetime, moving here was a little unnerving, but luckily I have had a lot of support during this transition.
At present, I feel like a complete tourist. Every day I wake up, look out the window, and a huge smile spreads across my face.
I grew up in Vulcan, which is a roughly 90 minute drive from here, and as you may or may not know, there is not an awful lot to look at out there.
So being completely bombarded with beautiful scenery, eclectic and rustic buildings, warm and welcoming people, and a community so rich in culture and history, I almost feel overwhelmed.
I imagine it will only be a matter of time before this feeling passes, and I become just as spoiled as the rest of you, but I have a feeling that won't be for some time - it's a lot to take in.
Prior to moving here, I graduated from the Print Media major of the SAIT Journalism program in April 2009. In the latter year of the two-year program, students major in either a Print Media or Photojournalism focus.
It was my original intention upon entering the program to go into the Photojournalism major, but after my first year, I decided I would be better served to expand my knowledge base in the world of news and feature writing, typography, public relations, and web design, which the print major focuses on.
I by no means felt I was a master photographer, simply that I was adequate if not adept in that regard, and that my skills in other areas were more deserving of development. As it turns out, I made the right decision, and ultimately graduated with honours.
Following graduation, I took eight months off to work at a Black's Photography store in Northwest Calgary, so I could expand my knowledge base about cameras and camera gear, as photography is a major passion of mine.
After having worked there for eight very long months, an intern position opened up at the High River Times, and I jumped on the opportunity to get started in my chosen industry. I moved out of my home in Calgary to stay with my parents in Vulcan so that I could save money on rent.
I spent my summer, from May until September, covering anything and everything that went on in High River, including sports, council meetings, musical performances, graduation ceremonies, publicity events, The Ride to Conquer Cancer, The Wild Pink Yonder Trail Ride in support of breast cancer research, traffic accidents, building and vehicle fires, rodeos, chuckwagon races, school dances - you name it, I covered it.
In September, my internship ended and I stumbled upon a posting for a reporting position in the Crowsnest Pass, and the rest, as they say...
So everything comes full circle, and we land back, on m\e coming to the Pass, which I couldn't be more excited about. I plan to use the skills I have developed over the last three years to strengthen the paper, on top of how strong it already is.
When I'm not busy reporting on the happenings of the communities of Bellevue, Hillcrest, Frank, Blairmore, and Coleman, you can be sure to see me pulled over to the side of the road or at various spots around town, taking pictures like a tourist.
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