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Closed Remembrance Day
Economic task force assembled
Mayor Bruce Decoux brought forth his desire to assemble a task force which will review the economic conditions of the municipality, during the November 2 regular meeting of the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass Counci..
“We need to strike a task force as soon as possible,” said Mayor Decoux. “We need to organize and redirect our approach to our economy.”
The task force will consist of no more than seven experienced and credentialed individuals who will develop recommendations relative to improving the community’s economy.
The group will then present its findings to the Governance and Priorities Committee and to the public at a regular meeting of Council within 90 days of being assembled.
“We need to get moving very quickly,” said Mayor Decoux.
Council will then meet with stakeholder groups and review the recommendations, ultimately deciding which stakeholder groups will lead an implementation process.
“The public will be involved in the process, and it will be advertised,” said Councillor Andrew Saje.
The motion to develop the task force was accepted unanimously.

AltaLink line relocation
Council received a letter from Alberta Minister of Transportation Luke Ouellette, in response to a letter sent on September 10 from former Mayor John Irwin, advising Council to contact Alberta Environment in regards to the proposed relocation of an AltaLink transmission line from Bluff Mountain into the valley floor alongside Highway 3 and the Crowsnest River in Frank.
“The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass is vehemently opposed to the proposed relocation,” Irwin said in the letter to Ouellette. “Council would appreciate any advocacy from your Ministry on our behalf.”
In response, Ouellette advised Council to contact Alberta Environment in regard to any regulatory requirements or review processes that may be required.
“He’s giving us another avenue, redirecting our efforts,” said Mayor Decoux during the November 2 council meeting. “It would be a good idea to take his advise and contact Alberta Environment.”
In addition, Councillor Emile Saindon moved to contact AltaLink to inquire as to whether an environmental study has been prepared.
The motion was approved unanimously.

Stake out of construction sites
A request for decision to develop a policy regarding the stake out of construction sites and location of new construction was received by Council from Glen Snelgrove, as requested by previous council.
The purpose of the policy is to ensure that all such development will be within the designated lot of the landowner who is constructing the structure.
The policy would mean that any person to whom a development permit has been issued will be required to enlist the services of a qualified land surveyor to measure the site and designate the areas on the site where construction can occur.
The landowner will also be required to submit a letter of certification from the surveyor, as well as the surveyor’s sketch indicating the building site to the Development Officer, before a building permit can be issued.
Moreover, if the structure is not constructed within the designated site, the landowner will be required to relocate the structure at his or her own cost.
In some cases, this would imply the possible demolition and rebuilding of such a structure.
Councillor Saje voiced opposition to the request as written, stating that this would require an Alberta land surveyor (ALS) to do twice the work, and would also discourage future development.
“You can get a qualified contractor to stake out where the new construction should go,” said Coun. Saje, who is also a licensed geomatics engineer. “I agree with the ideology, but as it is written, it’s not making any sense to me as an engineer.”
He suggested that the request be tabled until the policy can be rewritten, as so moved by Coun. Saindon.
The motion was approved unanimously.

Spray Lake Sawmills open house
Council received correspondence from Martin Wilson of Spray Lake Sawmills (SLS) informing council that SLS and Alberta Sustainable Resource
(ASRD) will be holding a joint open house in regards to the Beaver Mines Harvest Plan on Thursday, November 18th from 3 to 8 p.m. at the Heritage Inn in Pincher Creek.
SLS will be speaking about its Final Harvest Plan map, annual operating plans, Log Haul program, road construction and reclamation plan, reforestation program, and safety program.
Immediately following this session, SLS will begin finalizing the Final Harvest Plan submission package to ASRD for review and approval.
Harvest operations are expected to begin in the summer or early fall of next year.

Christmas parade
Council received correspondence from Crowsnest Pass Chamber of Commerce President Rick Breakenridge, informing council of the temporary road closure which will take place on Friday, November 12 to facilitate the Crowsnest Pass Christmas parade.
The road closure will extend from 113th Street (The Crowsnest Pass Promoter office) to 134th Street (the sidetracks) on 20th Avenue, for one hour between 6:30 and 7:30 p.m.
The correspondence also expressed the wishes of the Chamber for Mayor Decoux to participate by riding in the parade and lighting the gazebo.
“I have no problem with this request,” said Mayor Decoux with a laugh. “It’s all part of the job description.”
The correspondence was received as information.
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