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Closed Remembrance Day
Artists Donna Gallant and Joan Xauen Wieser were present at the Crowsnest Pass Public Art Gallery on Saturday, October 30, for the opening of their exhibition, “Fragmentation”, a collection of oil and water based monoprints with a wide range of influences and styles.
During the two hour event, Wieser and Gallant spoke with gallery goers about the techniques and influences behind their works, and what inspires them.
Work n Play
Kimberley Massey photo
Wieser, who hails from Calgary, works with oil based paints, applying the paint to a zinc plate, then etching her designs into the paint with a palette knife, placing paper down on the design, and finally running it through an etching press.
In addition to oil paints, Wieser uses lace and experimental mixed mediums in her pieces, many of which are later revisited and developed into collages.
“Much of my work is inspired by fall colours,” said Wieser during the event.
Lethbridge resident Gallant, who put in the duo’s submission to the gallery, works with water based paint, hand pressing her designs using a Plexiglas plate.
“Each time you do a pull (apply and remove a sheet from the design), the image becomes more ghost-like,” said Gallant, who frequently uses this technique, known as “maculature”.
The pair met at a gathering of the International Monoprinters Guild in the 1980s and quickly became friends, having both been involved in artistic endeavours for a long time.
Wieser said she received her first set of water colours from her father, who bought the set for her to help pass the time while she was bed ridden with chicken pox and the mumps.
According to Gallant, she has been creating art in some form or another for as long as she can remember.
“I spent a lot of time on my own as a child, so I did a lot of art after school,” she said.
Gallant also frequently participates in solo instillations, including ones in Medicine Hat and Lethbridge last year, and over the last 25 years, has showcased solo exhibits at galleries all over Alberta and in Toronto.
Some of her solo exhibits have included “Imaginary Women”, “Female and Feline”, and “Lady of the Dance”, all of which have heavily feminine themes.
In her downtime, Gallant also teaches art to young and emerging artists.
“It doesn’t replace what you can do yourself, but it is great to be able to teach other people to enjoy art and to develop their own skills as well,” she said.
This exhibit, which features more of her pieces than those she participated in last year, features a total of 35 works from both artists, and is one of the largest the pair has participated in.
Fragmentation will be on display until Sunday, November 28 at the Crowsnest Pass Public Art Gallery, located at 14733 20 Avenue in Frank.
For more information, contact Belinda Belseck, managing director of the Crowsnest Pass Allied Arts Association and Public Art Gallery at 403-562-2218.
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