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Closed Remembrance Day
Lisa Sygutek, publisher of the Crowsnest Pass Herald, went before Council on Tuesday, November 2 to express concerns about municipal advertising in local media.
The main point of the presentation was to note discontent with council requiring the two local newspaper outlets, The Pass Herald and The Pass Promoter to bid against one another for municipal advertising, and that a minimum commitment of $40,000 should be spent in either outlet.
“The fact is, $40,000 a year for advertising in your local media is not a ridiculous cost,” said Sygutek.
Through extensive research about the costs of advertising in other newspapers around the province, Sygutek presented statistics for seven communities with one newspaper.
The average cost of municipal advertising in these communities, three of which current municipal Chief Administrative Officer Gordon Lundy worked for in the past, was found to be $46,400, well above the proposed advertising budget put forward by Sygutek.
She also presented findings for communities with two newspapers, the average of which was $51,500 per paper, considerably higher than the proposed commitment for the Crowsnest Pass.
She then noted that of the $18 million municipal budget, $40,000 dollars would account for only 0.2 per cent of the total, costing each registered voter $6.95 per year to have municipal advertising in each paper.
“That means it will cost each voter less than $7 to know what is going on in their community,” she said. “I don’t think you’re going to find one person who has a problem with that.”
Sygutek also contacted Livingstone-Macleod MLA Evan Berger, and Macleod MP Ted Menzies prior to the meeting to discuss the cost of their advertising in local media.
“When there are two newspapers serving a community such as Crowsnest Pass, we try to give equal value to each,” said Berger. “Government must be fiscally responsible, while recognizing the impact on small business.”
According to Menzies, “I choose to advertize in as many of the local papers in my riding as possible, to ensure that the entire riding receives copies of my ads.”
Sygutek emphasized the importance of Council advertizing in both papers by saying “the community wants an open and honest government who informs them of what they are doing.”
She went on to say “You are not getting the word out to all the people in the Pass.”
Mayor Bruce Decoux applauded Sygutek on her presentation, promising to present the decision of Council at the next regular meeting.
“You’ve really done some excellent research and given us food for thought,” said Mayor Decoux. “We are going to give it a lot of thought, and we realize time is of the essence.”
A decision must be reached prior to the submission of the request for proposal (RFP), which is due on November 26.
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