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Four cats are currently up for adoption through Elvis’ Blue Suede Paws Kitty Rescue, operated by Kendal Brands, owner of Feelin’ Knotty Professional Hair Care in Blairmore.
Among the adoptees are Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, twin long haired orange tabby kittens, a medium haired grey tabby named Rick, and a big orange tabby named Tigger.
All of the cats were rescued by people in the Crowsnest Pass and then brought to Brands, who is currently working to find them all homes.
Brands recently named the service after her pet and shop cat Elvis, brother to shop cat Archie, after he escaped from the hair salon this past August and was killed by a passing train.
She has been operating the rescue service for about a year and a half, having found homes for 20 cats and kittens thus far.
“I was working at the SPCA in Hinton and I saw a huge need for (the service),” she said. “Cats and kittens seem so disposable to some people.”
Brands emphasises the need to spay and neuter your pets in order to prevent unwanted kittens, and provides the service to most of the cats she rescues.
Currently, she is working on having Rick neutered so that he will stand a better chance of adoption, as adult cats often fall by the wayside.
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“Kittens get adopted no problem, it’s the adult cats that really need a home,” she said.
Brands insists the cost of adopting one of her cats is very minimal. “It can be a little cash, or just kitten food. Anything that will help to keep the service going.”
Anyone interested in seeing one of the cats, or those looking to adopt can call Brands at Feelin’ Knotty at 403-562-7733, or can visit the shop, which is located at 13243 20th Avenue in Blairmore, next to Ben Wong’s Restaurant.
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