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Quote of the Week
“Communicating with as much of the public as you can about council business is very critical.”
- Mayor Bruce Decoux  
- regarding Municipal   


Blairmore RCMP were called to Stone’s Throw Café on the morning of Wednesday, November 10, in response to a man carrying a large pickaxe.
Police received a call that a man was standing on Highway 3 waving a pickaxe at passing vehicles, and then received a second call at 10:15 a.m. reporting he was walking down 20th Avenue in Blairmore with the weapon.
Shortly thereafter a third call was received from staff at Stone’s Throw reporting that the man, 48-year-old Blairmore resident Michel Jacques, was causing a disturbance inside the café.
Constable Rockwell was the first to attend the scene, where she found Jacques sitting at a table with his landlord, with the pickaxe between his legs, resting his arms and head on the top end.
She also observed he had a large fillet knife in the pocket of his pants, which she removed without him noticing.
She then engaged him in conversation and asked him to hand over the axe.
He resisted the request, handing the weapon over to the man he was sitting at the table with.
Cst. Rockwell then asked him to step outside with her to talk, and he seemed cooperative at first, but also confused and disoriented.
Once outside, Jacques began emptying his pockets and ranting about his grievances with the government.
At this point, a second officer arrived on scene, also attempting to engage the man in conversation.
Jacques was then informed he was under arrest, to which he became more agitated and took a defensive stance.
He then proceeded to force his way back into the restaurant, where the struggle continued.
Jacques became actively resistant, kicking and pushing at officers.
A third officer arrived and attempted to handcuff him, but was unable.
Sergeant Howard then arrived to find officers had pressed Jacques up against the wall.
Sgt. Howard applied a control technique, and officers were able to cuff Jacques’ hands.
The ambulance was then called, and Jacques was transported to local hospital where he was examined, sedated and then transferred to Lethbridge, where he could be committed for assessment under the mental health act.
Charges are pending, and include causing a disturbance in a public place, possession of a weapon dangerous to the public, and resisting arrest.
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