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Xmas Hours


After much deliberation and debate, Council moved to resume municipal advertising in all local media in the new year.
In 2010, the municipality had an exclusive advertising contract with the Crowsnest Pass Promoter, after both the Promoter and the Herald submitted bids for the contract, and the Promoter offered a lower price.
Following the election of the new Council in October, the Herald approached Council with a request to resume advertising in both papers, in order to better inform all members of the public about municipal notices.
The majority of Council members voiced their agreement, and discussions began as to the best course of action.
“It is our duty to inform citizens as much as we possibly can,” said Mayor Bruce Decoux. “If you can’t trust us, who can you trust?”
Five courses of action were suggested for Council to consider.
The first was to continue with the single sourcing of newspaper advertising through the RFP process that closes on December 10, 2010. This would allow the Promoter to continue as the advertising provider to the end of 2010, and Council would then choose the provider for 2011 based on lowest bid.
The second was to allow the current agreement with the Promoter to go to the end of 2010 and resume advertising in both newspapers in 2011 with negotiated market rates. The RFP for 2011 would then be cancelled.
The third was to allow the current agreement with the Promoter to end prior to December 31st and pay negotiated market rates for municipal advertising in both papers.
The fourth was to direct administration that all advertising be advertised in both local papers effective immediately. Administration would negotiate ad placement rates with both papers and look for options for the promotion of municipal information such as the municipal website.
The last was for mandatory advertising the be advertised in both papers effective January 1, 2011.
Council originally intended to present its final decision at the November 16th meeting.
However, prior to the meeting, Council was informed that the Promoter had an exclusive contract until the end of the year, eliminating one of the options, and prompting further consideration, with the issue to be tabled until the next meeting.
At the December 7th meeting, Councillors voiced further concerns before voting on a solution.
“I feel it would be appropriate to say we have a limit that we’re willing to spend per week,” said Councillor Brian Gallant. “If we cannot meet our budget, we should not be forced to advertise there.”
Councillor Emile Saindon also voiced concern over which part of the 2011 operating budget would be used for this purpose.
“I’m concerned about where it will come out of the budget and how it will be managed,” he said.
Mayor Decoux assured both councillors that these issues would be addressed by administration once a policy was drafted with regard to advertising.
Ultimately, Mayor Decoux moved that “in order to facilitate Council’s duty to inform the public, that a draft policy relative to Municipal advertising be prepared forthwith, and further, that Council will honour its current obligation to the Crowsnest Pass Promoter until December 31, 2010. Thereafter, administration will manage advertising through a policy which will ensure advertising in all local media (including radio).”
The motion was passed unanimously.
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