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Xmas Hours
Despite overspending in some areas, and as a result of penny pinching in others, coupled with more revenue than expected, the municipality’s Statement of Budget Variance and Statement of Financial Position showed substantial savings for the 2010 calendar year.
The municipality’s total budget for expenditures in 2010 was a healthy $5,791,100, and when compared to actual expenditures of $4,509,144, shows savings of $1,281,956, or 78 per cent.
In addition, administration had allotted for $6,791,236 in total revenue, with actual general revenue totalling $6,910,655, an increase of $119,419.
All of this alleviated the impact of overspending on several community facilities.
Overspending totalled $10,068 on community libraries, $71,873 on the M.D. McEachern Community Complex, $57,937 on the Crowsnest Centre (which has been empty for several months), $10,605 on the Albert Stella Memorial Arena, and $105,933 on the Crowsnest Sports Complex.
Additionally, services such as weed control and solid waste environmental services showed overspending of 154 per cent and 160 per cent, respectively.
When it comes to the municipality’s long term debt, payments made this year total $43,317 for the fire trucks debenture, $26,000 for the rescue debenture, and $214, 984 for the 2005 Bellevue water line debenture.
All funds approved for external organizations were disbursed prior to the meeting, and were included in the statement.
Council and administration reviewed and discussed the statement briefly at the December 7 regular council meeting.
Municipal Chief Administrative Officer Tully Clifford, who reviewed all of the information provided, said he was quite comfortable with the report as it was written.
“We’re in good shape, and it provides us with a good document that we can use as we move forward to our budget for next year,” said Clifford.
Councillor Emile Saindon made a motion to approve the statement, which was approved unanimously.
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