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Xmas Hours
Students at Crowsnest Consolidated High School participated in their annual two-week food drive from December 6th to 17th, collectively bringing in a little less than 700 non-perishable food items for the Crowsnest Pass Food Bank Society.
“We had really good student participation this year,” said Erin Cole, who teaches English and Film Studies at CCHS. “The kids had a lot of fun.”
This year, the food drive was set up as a competition between classes, as a way to get students more excited and involved in the effort.
Students from the school’s Leadership elective class were heavily involved in the food drive, collecting daily tallies for each class and posting the results in the school’s library.
Paper candy canes were stuck to the library window in order to represent the total amount of food each class had raised so far, with one candy cane representing five food items.
“That way, all the classes could track their progress,” said Cole.
As of Thursday, December 16, all of the classes combined had accumulated approximately 675 food items.
The class which brought in the most donations was Social 30-1, with more than 130 items.
Other totals included: Grade 7A (20 items), 7B (45 items), 7C (15 items), 8-1 (35 items), 8-2 (35 items), 9-1 (50 items), 9-2 (90 items), Math 10-3 (40 items), French 10 (100 items), and English 30-2 and Pure Math 20 (115 items).
Pass Powderkeg
Kimberley Massey photo
Alicen Montabetti, Amelia Caron, Michelle Redman, and Megan Brecht were the Leadership students who helped out with the food drive, led by Cole and her fellow teacher Tim Clarke.
“We just like helping our school,” said Brecht.
“We wanted to help out, and this is a good cause,” said Redman.
Posters, which were created by students who participated in the 30-hour famine, were also on display, acting as a reminder to students to bring in their donations.
“The high school is such a large part of the community,” said Cole. “It’s nice for them to give back, to be part of the community, and to help out.”
“They recognize that not everyone has the same privileges they do.”
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