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Kendal Brands has five new cats up for adoption
Kendal Brands, the owner of Elvis’ Blue Suede Cat Rescue, currently has five new cats up for adoption, including two kittens and three adults, all of which were spared from euthanasia at an animal shelter in Lethbridge.
Last month, Brands received word that 20 cats at the shelter were going to be put down to make room for more cats to come in.
According to Brands, the shelter had to make room for two new cats it was taking in, and therefore had to put down two which had been there for an extended period of time.
The veterinarian who would be performing the euthanasia informed the shelter that he would not offer his services for any less than 20 animals.
The shelter quickly began work to find new temporary or permanent homes for these animals.
Brands took four to her rescue service, in addition to helping to find homes for two more the next day.
Currently at the shop - which is operated out of Brands’ other business, Feelin’ Knotty Professional Hair Care – are five cats up for adoption.
The first is a six-year-old white long-haired neutered male named Frosty, who earned his name after he received substantial frost bite to his nose, but has since healed.
The second is a spayed adult female long-haired lion tabby named She-Ra, who is somewhat shy but very affectionate.
The third adult cat is a big orange and white three-year-old neutered male named Romeo, who Brands says lives up to his name.
Lastly are sister tortoiseshell/tabby kittens Eeny and Meeny, both of which are spayed and between the age of five to seven months, and which Brands would like to see go to the same home.
“I don’t like splitting up siblings, so if someone can take both, it is preferable,” she said.
In addition to these cats, three more are waiting to come in from another shelter, one of which was caught in a house fire which burned the tips of his ears and scruff of his neck, but is perfectly healthy.
“The cats come from almost anywhere,” said Brands. “I’m mostly trying to save space for kitties that are really in need.”
Reimbursement is requested upon adoption of cats which the rescue service pays to have spayed or neutered.
Cats which come to the rescue with the operation already having been performed are up for adoption by donation, whether in the form of cash, kitten food, clumping cat litter, or anything that can help.
To adopt any of these kitties
call 403-562-7733
Kimberley Massey photos
In addition, a contract must be signed upon adoption of the animal, and Brands is offering 10 per cent off hair services in returns for adoptions or donations.
She is also looking for volunteers to help operate the rescue service.
“It’s a lot of work for one person,” said Brands.
For more information on any of the cats, or to volunteer, contact Kendal Brands at Feelin’ Knotty Professional Hair Care at 403-562-7733, or visit the shop, located at 13243 20th Avenue in Blairmore, next to Ben Wong’s Restaurant.
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