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Quote of the Week
“The main part of this job is working with people, both at their best, and at their worst.”
- Kirk Olchowy  
- Fish & Wildlife Officer   
Highlights of the January 4th, 2011 Council meeting
Draft municipal advertising policy sent back
Councillor Jerry Lonsbury made a motion to adopt the revised Advertising Policy, after it had been sent back at the previous Council meeting for further development and review.
The motion was lost 4-3, with Councillors Andrew Saje, Siegbert Gail, Brian Gallant, and Emile Saindon voting against.
Councillor Saje made a motion to recommend further changes to the policy, to be presented at the following Council meeting.
Chief Administrative Officer Tully Clifford informed Council that without further direction as to what they would like to see included in the policy, this would be an insufficient time frame.
Councillors Gail and Saindon voiced their desire to see municipal advertising carried out through newspaper inserts, which would cost approximately $10,000 a year, as opposed to the projected $55,000 cost of having a weekly municipal page in both local newspapers.
“I recommend we look at the effectiveness of inserts,” said Councillor Saindon. “They would fulfill 90 per cent of our requirements.”
Ultimately, the policy was returned for futher clarification.

Bow Crow Forest Trails Grant
Council received a letter from Lloyd Bentz of the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation, informing them that a grant in the amount of $8,000 had been awarded to the Bow Crow Forest Trails initiative.
The letter was accepted as information, and Councillor Mitchell made the motion to have administration provide Bentz with a letter of thanks.
The motion was passed unanimously.

Setbacks bylaw passed
Council gave second and third readings to Bylaw 814, 2010, which states “that residential R-1 and R-1A Districts, under Minimum Building Setbacks with no lane or undevelopable lane, be amended to include side yard setback of 1.5 metres when a front yard garage is proposed.
Both readings were approved unanimously.

Bellecrest Community Association letter of support
Council received an email from Kim Schultz of the Bellecrest Community Association, requesting that Council write a letter of support for the BCA’s application for a Community Initiative Programs grant, which would be used to purchase new concrete picnic tables.
The tables would replace the existing wooden tables at the Bellecrest Community Campground, and would be maintenance free.
While the deadline for the application was December 31st, Schultz informed Council that the grant application stated that a letter of support from Council was pending.
Councillor Mitchell made the motion to support the application, which was passed unanimously.


Policy committee
Mayor Decoux made the motion that a standing policy committee be struck, consisting of the Mayor, CAO, Director of Legislative Services, and additional members, on an ad hoc basis, relative to the specific policy under consideration.
The committee would meet no less than once per month and provide a regular report to council.
“Some wonder why I am so concerned over our lack of policy,” said Mayor Decoux. “We experienced what a lack of inappropriate policy and understanding can do to Council and people’s time this evening.”
“We have been looking at this advertising policy for far, far too long,” he said. “if we had a process in place and a better understanding, the issue would have come and gone.”
Mayor Decoux explained that a “policy” is a statement of purpose and one or more broad guidelines as to how that purpose is to be achieved, which taken together, provide a framework for the operation of the institution.
He went on to say that one of the benefits of having clearly defined policies is that it demonstrates the municipality is being operated in an efficient and businesslike manner.
“Policies help ensure meetings are orderly, and that time is saved when a new problem can be handled quickly and effectively, because of its relationship to a policy.”
“Councils come and go, but well written and constantly updated policies remain forever,” he said.
For all these reasons and more, Mayor Decoux said he wanted to establish a functional and aggressive policy committee to deal with these issues.
Councillors Lonsbury, Saindon, Saje, and Mitchell each voiced their support of the motion, stating frustration with the amount of time that has already been invested in the municipal advertising review.
Councillor Saje said he had been in contact with other communities, and found that they were having similar issues.
Councillor Mitchell moved to accept the motion as written, which was approved unanimously.

Office protocol
Councillor Mitchell voiced concern about members of the public at large wandering through the municipal offices and coming in and out without speaking with reception.
Mitchell said he had been informed that this was distracting to the business, and that some staff was quite uncomfortable with this action.
While no motion was made, Councillor Mitchell encouraged administration to develop an internal policy to that affect.

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