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Quote of the Week
“Protecting our land is important to everyone here, and it is important to me.”
- Evan Berger  
- MLA for Livingstone Macleod   
A heated discussion took place at the Lundbreck Community Hall on Saturday, January 8th, when MLA Evan Berger answered questions from local landowners regarding controversial proposed developments in the area.
Up for discussion were the proposed AltaLink transmission line, Micrex magnetite mining operations on the flanks of the Livingstone Range, and Spray Lakes Sawmills logging operations in the Beaver Mines area.
At the start of the meeting, Lundbreck resident Bruce Mowatt announced that the group was mainly concerned with the AltaLink transmission corridor, and the majority of discussion over the next three hours was to that effect.
“There are enough corridors in this country, we don’t need a new one through the Porcupine Hills,” said Mowatt. “A lot of families here have spent a lot of years looking after this country.”
Berger, who is the Parliamentary Assistant for Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, encouraged everyone to look very closely at Bill 36, the Land Stewardship Act, and land use framework with regard to this issue.
“Protecting our land is important to everyone here, and it is important to me,” said Berger, who owns land near Nanton. “This is an area that is significant.”
He informed the crowd that Bill 36 would help to safeguard the rights of landowners, and to guarantee appropriate compensation.
One audience member later told Berger “it’s not an issue of where to put the line, we don’t want this line anywhere.”
He went on to say that AltaLink has displayed unrestrained haste in drawing up plans for the project, that their methods are morally corrupt, and that the issue is tearing the community apart.
Another audience member took a vote among the approximately 100 people present, asking who was in favour of and opposed to the transmission line.
Every person raised their hand in opposition, and Berger insisted he would voice the objections and concerns to his colleagues in Edmonton.
The other main topic of conversation was the proposed Micrex magnetite mine north of Burmis.
Berger said SRD’s decision on whether the province will allow Micrex to mine in the area will come within the next month.
The Micrex saga has been ongoing since 2004, when when the company originally acquired mineral rights to the area.
Earlier this month, Alberta’s finance minster, Ted Morton, told the Calgary Herald that Micrex should not be allowed to go ahead until the final land-use framework for the South Saskatchewan Region (which encompasses the area) has been completed – a roughly two-year timeline.
“Until the plan is out, it would be premature to make a decision,” said Morton.
Those present at the discussion on the weekend also seemed to share this opinion, as the mine would prove inappropriate under the plan.
Berger encouraged everyone to write letters to SRD Minister Mel Knight, addressing their concerns and opinions.
“Albertans should have the ability to plan for Albertans,” said Berger.
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