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Quote of the Week
“Education can only go so far.”
- Elizabeth Anderson  
- Crowsnest   
Conservation Society   
The Crowsnest Pass Chamber of Commerce held its monthly luncheon on Wednesday, Feb. 9th at Ben Wong’s Restaurant in Blairmore, taking the opportunity to update members of different community projects, and making a donation to the Crowsnest Pass Food Bank Society.
Funds were raised at the Chamber’s Christmas party, where 50 per cent of the proceeds from the silent auction, a total of $819, were donated to the food bank.
Chamber President Rick Breakenridge also welcomed the Chamber’s new office manager, Ruth Skene-Reedyk, who began work on January 31st.
Skene-Reedyk comes to the Chamber after working with the National Energy Board in Calgary, and Indian and Northern Affairs and the Yellowknife Airport Authority before that.
Breakenridge also extended thanks to Tammy Stevens, who filled in for the position on an interim basis for two months during the transition.
Walking Trails Coordinator Jenice Smith then provided members with an update on the Crowsnest Community Trails initiative.
“The community is very excited about the program,” said Smith. “The community support has been very incredible.”
Smith said there are several pieces of trail signage which are still available for sponsorship, and which will be placed along the trails in various locations, providing ample advertising opportunities to sponsors.
Two kiosk signs, 12 trailhead signs, and 12 directional signs are still available for sponsorship, and businesses may possibly have the opportunity to choose the location of their sign along the trail.
For more information, contact Smith at 403-563-0236, or visit the Walking Trails office at the MDM Community Complex in Bellevue.
Chamber members also received a presentation from municipal Bylaw Officer Larry Iutzi, who went over some of his responsibilities in the community, and some of his issues with current bylaws.
One of Iutzi’s major concerns was that of parallel parking on 20th Avenue in downtown Blairmore.
“Technically, the way you’re parking is illegal,” he said, noting that legally, drivers are only permitted to angle park in areas with the appropriate signage, which is not present downtown. “That shouldn’t be happening.”
Iutzi said angle parking on the north side of the street is dangerous, as many motorists cannot see when a vehicle is coming toward them while backing out, and can lead to collisions.
He said he felt if the angle parking was instead on the south side of the street, and the north side was instead parallel parking, there would be far fewer visibility problems.
“You also wouldn’t have such bad congestion in intersections,” said Iutzi.
He also mentioned the issue of cyclists riding on the sidewalk instead of on the roadway.
Under the current bicycle bylaw, children under the age of 14 are permitted to ride on the sidewalk.
Iutzi said he felt this should be limited to children under the age of eight years, as allowing cyclists on the sidewalk is dangerous to pedestrians and people coming out of businesses.
According to Iutzi, there is also an issue with residents of apartments in downtown Blairmore parking on municipal property, as it is difficult to find somewhere to park.
He said he felt there should be a parking lot in the area, where residents could purchase a monthly parking pass at a low rate, so that they are not parking illegally on municipal property.
Finally, Iutzi said a major issue in the community is that of untidy yards and junky vehicles.
He said hoarding of vehicles and other items which are then kept in yard sites clutters our neighbourhoods and makes the community appear junky and disorderly.
“The goal should be to attract visitors, residents and businesses to the community by keeping yards and homes tidy and presentable,” said Iutzi.
He said he is often met with resistance by those he orders to clean up such problems, and that better community support is needed to help those who cannot afford to clean up their yards, or who are unable.
He said he is willing to work with individual residents to come up with solutions to the problem.
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