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Quote of the Week
“Information is just as good as money.”
- Constable Ryan Di Loreto  
- Crowsnest Pass RCMP   


Utility rates to increase by 10 per cent
Council passed all three readings of the Utility Rate Bylaw, which incorporates the 10 per cent increase in rates that was approved in the 2011 Municipal Operating Budget.
The increase will mean an increase of $2.30 for water rates and $1.61 for sewer rates per month for each household in the Crowsnest Pass.
Administration made this recommendation to Council, in order to better compare with utility rate fees in similar municipalities.
Notification will be sent out to the public with bimonthly municipal invoicing during the first week of March.

Community Trails funding agreement adjustment
Council received a request from Director of Community Services Cam Mertz to amend the current funding agreement for the Crowsnest Community Trails program, and to extend the deadline for existing work to October 31st.
“This would allow flexibility to finish existing work,” said Mertz. “Refusal would force us to not put in the Gold Creek Bridge, juggle funds, and prioritize existing work.”
The original project deadline was scheduled for March 31st, but the majority of installation and work cannot be performed until this spring and summer.
The extended timeline will allow for the start of trail construction to be commence in April, installation of signage to commence in May, finalization of the Maintenance and Future Steps document in June, the installation of the Gold Creek Bridge near Frank Slide Interpretive Centre in June, grand opening celebrations in August, completion of trail paving and installation of CPR crossing signs in September, and a final report to be provided in October.
“If these additional projects don’t get done, they will have to become part of the future plan,” said Mertz.
Mertz also requested that Council endorse an application to the Federal Recreation Infrastructure Canada (RInC) program for additional funds to complete the project.
Currently, the program receives a total of $629,000 in funding, $184,000 of which comes from RInC, $144,000 from donations, $18,000 from grants, and $2,000 from the municipality.


Mertz expects an additional $133,000 in funding to be acquired this year, $29,687 of which would be requested from the RInC program.
The request to Council was not for additional funds, but simply to endorse requests for additional funding from other agencies.
Both requests were approved unanimously.
The Crowsnest Community Trails Project began in 2009, as a way to link the five communities and allow for recreation opportunities for residents and visitors.
Organizers hope to complete all urban connections by the end of 2011, although the entire project will continue to evolve for quite some time.
Mertz said they are also looking to extend the trails west of the municipality to the Tourist Centre, the lakes, Allison Chinook recreation area, and in the east to Leitch Collieries.
“It would be tough to get it any further east than Bellevue and Hillcrest,” said Mertz.
He said they also want to connect the trail system to all existing formalized trails in the hills going north and south of the valley.
An interim performance report is expected to be provided by April.

Food Bank construction agreement extended
Council received a request from Greenmore Corporation, the company in charge of construction of the new Food Bank building, to extend the current development agreement until March 1st, 2012.
On October 5th, previous Council approved a deadline of March 1st, 2011 for the construction of a 2,000 square foot building which will house Crowsnest Pass Food Bank Society operations.
After the deadline was approved, the Municipality determined that additional work was required to accommodate existing water and sewer lines on the property before construction could begin, causing a delay in the project.
There are no financial implications associated with the extension of the development agreement, and the extension would allow for the entire year timeline which was previously granted to the project.
The request was approved by all except Councillor Andrew Saje, who abstained from the vote due to personal family relationship with the developer.

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