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Quote of the Week
“Information is just as good as money.”
- Constable Ryan Di Loreto  
- Crowsnest Pass RCMP   
Sparwood man killed near Crowsnest Lake
Approximately 70 local hunters and fishermen attended the Hillcrest Fish and Game Club’s annual trophy day on Saturday, Feb 12th.
Over the course of the day, those present took the opportunity to admire and compare the trophies acquired by members in 2010.
To start things off, former Bellevue resident Frances J. Hurtak, spoke to members about Elk hunting in the Kootenays and Crowsnest Pass, and issues related to these activities.
“Hunting, fishing and trapping are an important part of our heritage,” said Hurtak, who has written two books about Elk hunting.
Hurtak stressed the importance of being involved in the politics of hunting and expressed his opinion that Canadian politicians wish to take away the rights of hunters, a group comprised of merely five per cent of the Canadian population.
“We are going to have to elect local politicians to make sure our views are expressed,” he said. “All of us need to get more involved with protecting our rights and freedoms.”
He said one of the best ways to make sure the rights of local hunters are heard at a government level is to encourage family and friends to join fish and game clubs, as there is strength in numbers.
“Numbers give your organization more political clout,” said Hurtak, who would also like to see the abolishment of the rifle registry in Canada.
On the lighter side of things, Hurtak also offered his tips on finding ample hunting spots, and shared some of his favourite spots to hunt in the Crowsnest Pass, including the Adanac.
Following Hurtak, Blairmore Fish and Wildlife Officer John Clarke spoke to members about enforcement measures taken by Fish and Wildlife over the past year, including seizures and poaching calls.
“I’m really impressed with a lot of people from town,” said Clarke. “They were very cooperative and really helped us this year.”
Clarke said in 2010, Fish and Wildlife received a lot of help reporting poachers from 18 to 20 year olds, thanks in large part to raising awareness among local youth by doing talks at the schools.
As far as wildlife occurrences, 102 black bear sightings were reported last year, as well as 37 wolves, 14 moose which had to be chased out of town, and several cougars.
Clarke also informed members that Alberta Fish and Wildlife will be facing significant challenges over the next couple of years, as they are currently in a hiring freeze, and expect to lose approximately 30 officers due to cutbacks.
Currently, there are only 90 Fish and Wildlife officers in the province.
“Your help is going to be even more important as we continue to lose guys,” said Clarke.
Tony Stoklosa of the Fish and Game Club also offered statistics regarding harvesting and processing of wild game in the area.
“A good percentage of harvesters would rather have their game processed by professional meat cutters,” said Stoklosa.
He found that Longview Meats processed 774 animals in 2010 (580 Mule and Whitetail deer, 116 elk, 38 moose, and 40 antelope), Back Country Meats in Cowley processed 995 animals (650 Mule and Whitetail, 275 elk, and 70 moose), and McLelland Meats in the Beaver Mines area processed 110 animals (25 elk, 15 moose, and 70 deer).
He said Back Country Meats also processed approximately 50,000 pounds of various types of wild game sausage, and McLelland Meats processed about 2,400 pounds.
“(This) is a good indication of the economic benefits or spinoffs of the continuing activity of managing, conserving, and utilizing our wildlife resource in Southern Alberta,” said Stoklosa.

Adult Rifle Competition (22 entries)
Typical Mule Deer
1st Prize: Brent MacPhail – 170 2/8
2nd Prize: Bruce MacPhail – 165 2/8
3rd Prize: Ginger Garbiar – 161 7/8
Non-Typical Mule Deer
1st Prize: Dillon Williams – 174 5/8
2nd Prize: Trevor Garbiar – 172 5/8
3rd Prize: Dylan Wall – 158 3/8
Typical Whitetail Deer
1st Prize: Jim Hoschajew – 126 4/8
2nd Prize: Wade Aebli – 106 3/8
3rd Prize: Frank Green – 94 3/8
Non-Typical Whitetail Deer
1st Prize: Lanny Amos – 135 7/8
1st Prize: Lanny Amos – 309 2/8
2nd Prize: Trevor Garbiar – 296 3/8
3rd Prize: Kim Filipuzzi – 243 1/8
1st Prize: Jerry Newman – 100 7/8
2nd Prize: James Verbaas – 78 4/8
Black Bear
1st Prize: Brian Vander Linden – 16 7/16
2nd Prize: Frank Green – 14 11/16
Youth Rifle Competition (8 entries)
Typical Mule Deer
1st Prize: Colton Newton – 148 5/8
2nd Prize: Austin Rose – 146 6/8
3rd Prize: Kyle Green – 141 0/8
Non-Typical Mule Deer
1st Prize: Dylan Davis – 188 3/8
Typical Whitetail Deer
1st Prize: Alan Garbiar – 131 6/8
2nd Prize: Austin Rose – 128 5/8
Black Bear
1st Prize: Kyle Green – 15 11/16
Pronghorn Antelope
1st Prize: Alan Garbiar – 67 4/8
There were no entries in the youth archery competition.

Adult Archery Competition
Pronghorn Antelope
1st Prize: Lanny Amos – 70 2/8

Bird Competition
1st Prize: Bill Thresher – 35 bars

Out of Province Entry
Typical Whitetail Deer

Trevor Garbiar – 159 0/8
Percent Rating = 99 per cent

Adult Fish Competition
Brown Trout

1st Prize: Jack Vander Linden – 3 lb 4 oz
2nd Prize: Jim Verbaas – 1 lb 15 oz
Cutthroat Trout
1st Prize: Jim Hoschajew – 3 lb 2 oz

Youth Fish Competition
Rainbow Trout

1st Prize: April Guild – 4 lb 8 oz

Adult Photography Contest

1st Prize: Conrad Verbaas
2nd Prize: James Verbaas
1st Prize: David Glavin
2nd Prize: Wade Aebli
In the Field
1st Prize: Anne Verbaas
2nd Prize: Brian Vander Linden

Youth Photography Contest

1st Prize: Skylar Abma
2nd Prize: Kacey Abma
1st Prize: Skylar Abma
2nd Prize: Kacey Abma
In the Field
1st Prize: Kimmy Green

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