Tuesday, February 22, 2011  
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Quote of the Week
“Information is just as good as money.”
- Constable Ryan Di Loreto  
- Crowsnest Pass RCMP   


On Saturday, Feb. 19th, I went to the Tin Roof Bistro to watch Ontario musicians Sarah Burton and Sean Pinchin perform for the third time in nearly as many days.
I first saw them perform on Sunday, Feb. 13th at Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters in the community of Marda Loop in Calgary.
My best friend, Brielle is an employee at the coffee shop, and informed me that a couple of singers from Ontario would be performing that night at the end of her shift, and that we should attend so we could take in some good acoustic folk, a good macchiato, and some cheap red wine.
A group of ten or so of my friends, whom I had previously spent with at Market Collective in Kensington, and I went to the show with little expectations, but happy to have an excuse to hang out and drink wine.
Our attitudes quickly changed and we found ourselves intently focused on the performance taking place in front of us.
Pinchin’s masterful guitar playing ranged from haunting blues with the use of a metal slide, to quick and snappy folk acoustic.
He and Burton took turns performing songs from their respective catalogues, including original pieces they had written and arranged, and even traditional folk songs and Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young numbers.
As the duo performed Pinchin’s “The Bird Song”, which he wrote for a girl he previously toured with, I found myself with tears welling up in my eyes.
The song’s haunting and sad melody and lyrics took my breath away, a reaction echoed by a friend who sat across the table from me, experiencing her own water works.
The enthusiastic crowd of coffee lovers was had filled the shop was comprised of those who, like me, were experiencing the duo for the first time, as well as a table full of fans who sang along to every number, whether it was one of Pinchin’s or Burton’s.
At one point in the show, Pinchin mentioned that they were attempting to book a show at SAIT for the following day, but that nothing was yet final.
After the show, and after having noticed on the event poster that they would be performing in Blairmore the following Saturday, I went up to the duo to tell them how much I enjoyed their music, and that I would be attending their show at the Tin Roof, before purchasing two of their CDs.
The next day, Brielle and I went for coffee with our dear friend Kerianne, who had been unable to attend the show with us the previous night, at SAIT’s Odyssey Coffee House, so that we could catch up.
After we had been there for approximately half an hour, we noticed the staff of the coffee shop moving tables around at the front of the main space.
We paid little mind until we noticed Burton strolling in with an amp in one hand and guitar case in the other.
Realizing the situation, Brielle and I informed Kerianne that they were the duo we had gone to see the previous evening.
As they were setting up, Burton said hello to us and we exchanged jokes about following them around the city.
They played yet another beautiful show, and quickly recruited Kerianne to their fan club, prompting both Brielle and Kerianne to purchase CDs of their own after the performance was over.
Afterward we spent a few minutes chatting with them again about their experience touring throughout Canada and how they had enjoyed their time in Calgary.
I was delighted to find two such amazing and talented musicians who were so personable and down to earth at the same time.
Unfortunatley, February 22nd was their final show in Alberta, but if you would like to hear a sample of either of their music, visit www.seanpinchin.ca or www.sarahburton.ca, or visit them on MySpace.
If you also happened to attend their show at the Tin Roof, what did you think?
Have they recruited your heart as well?
Love, Kimberley
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