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Quote of the Week
“It’s too windy here.”
- Molly Gleave  
- 100 year old   
Blairmore resident   
Contrary to speculation that 2011 Thunder in the Valley celebrations would be cancelled, Blairmore Fire Chief Jamie Margetak said last week the show will go on.
In October, the Police Advisory Committee informed Council of its desire to see police funding for Thunder in the Valley increased from $10,000 to $40,000, based on information gathered through a policing survey.
The money was to be used to fund the municipality bringing in approximately 25 additional RCMP officers to police the public during the event.
Council cut the increase request from the 2011 municipal operating budget in January, saying that they would request the same level of policing service, but would not be spending tax payer dollars to pay for it.
The buck was then proposed to be passed to the Blairmore Fire Department, which owns and executes the event.
The fire department took the stance that if they were to be responsible for coming up with the additional funds, they would cancel the event altogether.
Margetak said he didn’t want to see the burden fall to the taxpayers, as the event is supposed to be a way of the fire department thanking the community for its support, but that the fire department should not be responsible for providing the money either.
Discussions between the fire department, municipality and police have been ongoing since the issue was raised in the fall.
A meeting between the fire department, RCMP, CPR and the municipality was scheduled for last Monday, Feb. 28th, but was cancelled due to extreme snowfall.
However, according to municipal Director of Finance Marion Vanoni, the request for increased funding has been thrown out, following discussion from all levels.
“We were able to negotiate and work out an agreement with everyone involved,” said Vanoni, adding that the meeting which was scheduled for last Monday will be rescheduled after touching base with the organizations involved.
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“The costs have gone back to what they were originally, so we’re going ahead,” said Margetak.
He said planning is running a little behind schedule due to all the confusion and discussion, but that they hope to get back on track soon.
“We’re in the process right now of trying to design the Tshirts,” said Margetak.
The 18th annual Thunder in the Valley celebration will take place on Saturday, July 16th.
The annual fireworks show, which takes place in Blairmore on the third night of Rum Runner Days, was started in 1993 by the Blairmore Fire Department as a way of thanking the community for their support throughout the year.
In the years following the inaugural show, the display has continued to draw in excess of 30,000 visitors to the community to witness the spectacle every summer.
It has also been suggested to Council that additional intersections onto Hwy 3 should be installed in Blairmore, in order to account for the increased traffic volume during the event, which often causes multi-hour gridlock on the highway.
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