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Quote of the Week
“Everybody has a right to be in the backcountry.”
- Karl Giesler  
- Quad Squad President   


Pinkest Town in the West
At the March 1st Council meeting, the Pinkest Little Town in the West committee asked Council to declare a “Pink Day” in the beginning of June, in order to get students, businesses and residents involved in the breast cancer fundraising campaign.
During discussion at the March 8th GPC meeting, Mayor Bruce Decoux said former councils had developed a practice of not proclaiming special days, so as not to place emphasis on or discriminate between different events, and due to the possibility of increased requests from other groups and organizations for such a declaration.
Councillor Andrew Saje said Council should still support the event and fundraising efforts, a sentiment with which the rest of Council agreed.
“We should show a show of support for the event, and help publicize it in any way that we can,” said Councillor Emile Saindon.
Councillor Jerry Lonsbury said he sees this event as an opportunity to unite the community.
“It doesn’t take very much to participate,” said Lonsbury, “and everyone is focused on the same goal for even a brief period of time.”
Mayor Decoux proposed two possible motions to suggest to Council, the first being to recommend that Council decline the request based on the volume of requests that could be received from other organizations.
The second motion was to recommend that Council support the initiative as a worthwhile cause, and at a later date identify opportunities to participate in the effort, while also allowing the committee to identify a day of their choosing to unofficially name “Pink Day”.
Councillor Mitchell made the second motion, which was approved unanimously.

Capital equipment and project tendering
Myron Thompson, Director of Operational Services for the Municipality, provided Council with an update regarding the purchase of machinery and tenders for proposed projects.
In his report, Thompson said several tenders have been received over the past number of weeks, through a formal public bidding process.
Tenders for the light truck fleet, grader, hydraulic track excavator, and vibratory plate compactor have come in at $60,000, $300,000, $230,000, and $12,000, respectively.
Thompson said the majority of equipment will be purchased in the United States, due to the current strength of the Canadian dollar being greater than that of the American dollar.
He said the cost of purchasing the equipment will also include municipal discounts.
For example, Thompson said, the retail price for a grader runs around $440,000, but the municipal discount allows for $140,000 to be shaved off.
Thompson informed Council there has also been a lot of interest from contractors for the demolition of the Maplevue Hall.


“There has been lots of interest for the job,” said Thompson, adding that four firms have done a walk-through of the property, and one confirmed tender has been received.
Councillor Andrew Saje asked Thompson why the value of the hall had not been included in the asking price for the land, adding that he did not want to see taxpayers saddled with demolition costs.
According to Thompson, the decision to demolish the hall came after the building was found to be structurally unfit for use, and would not add to the value of the land.
The funds necessary for demolishing the hall will be taken from the land sales portion of the budget, and will be replaced following the sale of the land.
Councillor Saje moved to recommend that Council accept the report as information.
The motion was passed unanimously.

Affordable Housing Committee
At the December 21st, 2010 Council meeting, Councillor Brian Gallant requested an update on the municipality’s Affordable Housing Committee, which is no longer active.
Director of Legislative Services Lynn Cox provided Council with a report on the committee, including a letter from local realtor and committee member Shane Stewart, in order to see how Council would like to move forward.
The committee was formed in 2007, due to the lack of designated assisted living and affordable housing facilities in the Crowsnest Pass.
A needs assessment, funded through a $30,000 grant from the Canadian Real Estate Association, was compiled over the next two years and presented to Council in June 2009.
While there was hope that this information would launch a development initiative, the committee became inactive shortly following the completion of the needs assessment.
“(The affordable housing committee)’s mandate was never to actually build homes, but to compile data,” said Cox.
Councillor Brian Gallant, who sits on the committee, said there is still much work to be done in order to provide the community with affordable housing options such as mobile homes, condominiums or townhouses.
“We can see there is a definite need in our community,” said Gallant. “The problem hasn’t gone away, and we haven’t seen the problem addressed in any way, shape, or form.”
“We would need to bring that (committee) back to life in order to continue,” said Councillor Emile Saindon.
Mayor Decoux added that the information originally gathered in the needs assessment is still a valid representation of the community and its needs, adding that the report has also been forwarded to the economic task force.
“They may have some input into this study,” said Decoux.
Ultimately, Councillor Lonsbury made a motion that the report be referred to Council’s retreat on March 31st for further discussion.
The motion was passed unanimously.

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