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Quote of the Week
“The municipality provides the rate payers an excellent cleanup program”
- Myron Thompson  
- Director of   
Operational Services   


Spring cleanup two months away
The annual spring cleanup is set to commence the week following Victoria Day Weekend in May, Director of Operational Services Myron Thompson told Council on March 15th.
Residents will register for pickup two weeks prior to collection, which will be offered for a maximum of three large items such as furniture or appliances.
The municipality will also cover the cost for up to 500 kg of disposal for residents who haul in their items themselves.
“The municipality provides the rate payers an excellent cleanup program,” said Thompson.
Many councillors, including Andrew Saje and Siegbert Gail said they would like to see the program offered more than once per year, as some residents leave items outside all year waiting for the spring cleanup.
Councillor Emile Saindon said he was also concerned with the costs associated with the spring cleanup, and that perhaps the service should only be offered to residents who are disabled or elderly and unable to transport the items themselves.
“I think you’ve got a long way to go with this yet,” said Saindon, adding he would like to see more discussion on the issue in the coming weeks.
He said he predicts each household will have a minimum of two items for collection, and expects “we are going to end up in the same boat we were last year with in excess of $100,000 spent”.
He reiterated his point that the program should only be offered to certain residents, as a large percentage of the population have the ability and means to dispose of the items themselves.
Thompson informed Council that the norm for municipal spring cleanups is service such as this, and that the cost of the program was accounted for in the 2011 budget, after salaries for casual positions were cut from $45,000 to $10,000, and other adjustments were made as well.

Administration asks for extension for motion review
For the first time administration requested a time extension for the review of all outstanding motions of Council since January 2004, asking that the deadline be pushed back to May 3th, to allow sufficient time for review.
Administration informed Council that more than 5,000 motions have been made in that seven year time span, 2,000 of which are action related.
In her report, Director of Legislative Services Lynn Cox wrote said previous Administration did an excellent job of tracking the status of most actions, but that there were gaps in some of the follow-up actions that are currently under review.
She said some motions also require review of the minutes and further research in order to be fully understood by new administrative directors.
Administration will provide a full report to Council at the May 3rd Council meeting.
Councillor Andrew Saje moved to grant the extension, and the motion was approved unanimously.

Ten year capital infrastructure plan
Director of Operational Services Myron Thompson informed Council that Administration is currently working to complete a 10-year capital infrastructure plan, in order to establish a long term strategy for infrastructure expansion, replacement, and upgrades.


He said a second objective of the plan is to allow for the ability to schedule programs and works based on funding availability, and to coordinate surface improvements with underground upgrades, as most lines have exceeded life expectancy.
The total capital project has an estimated value of $42 million over the next ten years.
Thompson said he anticipates changes in grant opportunities, and that additional grants could allow for moving up projects earlier than expected.
He said the municipality will need to put away approximately $430,000 every year without grants in order to fund the project.
Funding will come from grants, user fees, special taxes, Local Improvement Tax, offsite levies, municipal reserves, general revenue, and short and long term borrowing.
Highlights for the project will include an upgrade to the Frank Waste Water Treatment Plan, Blairmore Reservoir looping, and sanitary main replacement.
Mayor Bruce Decoux said he was glad to see long range planning taking place in the municipality.

Community volunteer directory to be updated
Mayor Decoux told Council he was impressed with the number and quality of volunteers in the community, and wondered if there was a directory of available volunteers and their credentials and skills available to the municipality.
Chief Administrative Officer Tully Clifford informed Council that Cam Mertz, director of community services, is currently working to compile such a document.
Clifford said the municipality has been operating with a directory for a number of years, and that it will be updated shortly.
Decoux said there were also a lot of non-permanent residents who come to the community on weekends who have voiced their desire to volunteer as well, and that the municipality should look to utilize the help of those people.
Councillor Gail said he would like to see a volunteer questionnaire sent out with municipal utility billing, asking people about their hobbies, skills, interests, and whether they would be interested in volunteering.

Resident speaks on behalf of boulevard parking
Crowsnest Pass resident Joe Mahieux addressed Council, informing them he would like to see them take another look at the Community Standards Bylaw, regarding boulevard parking.
Under the bylaw, parking of vehicles on municipal boulevards is not permitted.
Mahieux provided Council with a petition signed by 216 residents opposing this rule, saying that a large number of streets in the community are narrow, which cannot easily accommodate two vehicles passing while vehicles are parked on either side of the street, especially in winter months.
Mahieux said previous Administration allowed residents to pave or stone landscape their boulevards in order to allow for parking space and freeing up space on the roadway.
He said this is also beneficial to homeowners with small lots which do not accommodate parking.
Mahieux asked Council to take a serious look at the issue, and said it is possible to strike a balance with which both sides will be happy.

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