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Quote of the Week
“If it’s costing us more than it’s worth, we shouldn’t be doing it.”
- Emile Saindon  
- Municipal Councillor   
The Crowsnest Consolidated High School Parent Advisory Council held a fundraiser on Wednesday, March 30th, raising $1,500 for the Japanese relief effort.
Over the regular lunch hour, parent volunteers served approximately 300 helpings of “Taco in a Bag” to CCHS students, with students in the school’s Foods program preparing the hamburger, and parents donating other food items.
Carrie Baher of the PAC approached Council at the Governance and Priorities Committee meeting on March 29th to inform them of this fundraiser, and to request that Council match the dollar amount raised.
During her presentation, Baher informed Council of the important relationship the Crowsnest Pass has with Hokuto, a city located in Japan’s Yamanashi Prefecture.
An exchange program between the high school and Hokuto was started a little over 18 years ago, and since that time, more than 300 students have been involved in the program.
The exchange had no association with either the municipal Anpachi exchange or NIT programs.
Japanese students were selected to participate in the program based on their grades, participation, and commitment of pre-training programs.
Every spring, CCHS welcomes about 12 Japanese students for a period of seven days, during which time the students attend school and community functions, and in turn, local students are provided the opportunity to visit Japan for a week in October.
The municipality has contributed between $2,000 and $2,500 to the program every year, in order to help offset expenses for hosting the Japanese students, and travel costs for local students going to Japan.
Pass Powderkeg
In light of this close relationship with Hokuto, Baher, on behalf of the PAC, requested that Council send a letter of support to Hokuto’s Mayor Shirakura Masashi with regard to damage caused by the tsunami, match the money collected at the fundraiser, and formalize a sister city relationship with Hokuto.
“Currently the Crowsnest Pass has ‘friendship ties’ with Hokuto City,” said Baher. “But we would like to see this relationship formalized to Sister City status.”
Baher said the PAC had contacted the Provincial government for information on formalizing a Sister City relationship, and was informed that a simple agreement between the two participating municipalities is all that is required.
When it comes to matching the funds raised, Baher noted that during the Lost Creek Fire in 2003, Hokuto’s mayor sent a letter of support to local Council, as well as a cheque for approximately $2,000 to help offset costs.
Mayor Bruce Decoux informed Baher that Council would not be reaching a decision on these matters that evening, and would like to discuss both the fundraising issue and Sister City concept further.
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