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Quote of the Week
“If it’s costing us more than it’s worth, we shouldn’t be doing it.”
- Emile Saindon  
- Municipal Councillor   


An open house for the Ride Crowsnest Mountain Bike Project was held at the Community Futures area of the Provincial Building in Blairmore on Thursday, March 31st, allowing residents the opportunity to learn more about the ambitious recreation project.
At the open house, maps detailing the plans for the project’s trail expansion into areas such as the Pass PowderKeg ski resort, Frank Slide, Allison Chinook, Deadman’s Pass, the lakes, and York Creek, and the skills park near the Albert Stella Memorial Arena were on display, and project coordinators were available to speak with anyone who had questions.
The current draft of the project’s master plan, which was developed by Daniel Scott of the International Mountain Bicycling Association, of which Community Futures is a corporate member, was also on display.
According to Carrie Morency of Community Futures, the master plan has been in the works for months, after the proposal for the trail system, submitted by Community Futures and the United Riders of Crowsnest (UROC) was approved last May.
Community Futures got involved shortly after the project’s inception, applying for grants through the Alberta Rural Diversification Initiative.
Morency said the next stage in the project will be to consult with Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) and various landowners in order to ensure the trails will not go through habitat terrain, wildlife migratory routes, or environmentally sensitive areas.
She said much of the land in and around the area of the ski hill resort is owned by SRD and Devon and leased to the municipality, so a lot of consultation is required before the plan can be finalized.
Pass Powderkeg
“We just need to sit down and determine where the trails will go and then we can finalize the master plan,” said Morency, adding that the design for the skills park has also been completed, and they are now waiting on a construction plan.
Developers and volunteers hope to commence construction on 24 kilometres of trails in the ski hill area as well as sections of the skills park this May, and continue until September through volunteer work by summer students.
After that point, UROC volunteers will continue to construct trails for as long as weather permits.
The entire project will include over 100 kilometres of mountain bike specific single track, including 41 kilometres of intermediate and advanced trails known as an IMBA Epic Trail, the fifth to be constructed in Canada.
Approximately 1.8 kilometres of trail were constructed in the ski hill area last year by summer students.
Morency said the main focus for the next couple of years will be completing trails in the ski resort, the skills park, and Allison Chinook.
The total project has a projected timeline of about 10 years, Morency said, and is heavily dependent on funding, liability, insurance, and land ownership.
Once completed, residents will have access to an expansive, low maintenance, low cost, and sustainable trail system.
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