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Quote of the Week
“If it’s costing us more than it’s worth, we shouldn’t be doing it.”
- Emile Saindon  
- Municipal Councillor   


Sparwood man killed near Crowsnest Lake
Kimberley Massey photo
More than 20 local students received medals and scholarships at the Grand Concert and awards presentation of the Crowsnest Pass Music Festival on Friday, March 25th at Crowsnest Consolidated High School.
Top finishers from each of the performance categories performed their best pieces from the festival on piano, saxophone, violin, and through singing and musical theatre performance.
Mina Wood also performed an original piano composition, “Waltz in G”, and the Crowsnest Community Choir performed the songs “Jazz Cantate”, and “Et in terra Pax”.
Following performances, medallions and plaques were presented to the talented singers and musicians.
After the presentation of medallions and plaques, awards and scholarships were given to Rachel Park (vocal), Samila Carr (strings), Nathan Sydora (junior piano), Tasha Toney (senior piano), and the winds section of the Isabelle Sellon School Grade 6 Band.
To finish the night off, adjudicator Kirk Muspratt presented his recommendations to the Provincial Music Festival, which takes place in Edmonton from May 25th to 28th.
Muspratt recommended that Keira Wheelock (12 and under vocal solo), Rachel Park (16 and under vocal solo), Jasmine Sydora (Grades 5-6 piano), Nathan Sydora (Grades 7-8 piano), Tasha Toney (senior piano), Stephanie Duarte-Pederosa (12 and under musical theatre), and Jordan Appleby (16 and under musical theatre) compete in the festival.
He also recommended that the Crowsnest Pass Community Choir attend the provincial choir festival, which takes place in Edmonton from May 5th to 7th.

The following awards were presented at
the Grand Concert on Friday, March 25th.

Vocal Solo Medallions
9 & under – Keira Wheelock
10 & under – Meghan Tkachuck
11 & under – Stephanie Duarte-Pederosa
13 & under – Rachel Park
14 & under – Amelia Woodard
15 & under – Alyssa Barbero
Musical Theatre 12 & under – Stephanie Duarte-Pederosa
Musical Theatre 13 & over – Jordyn Appleby
Musical Theatre Duets – Keira Wheelock and Meghan Tkachuck


Piano Medallions by Grade
Pre-Grade 1 – Cole Tkachuck
Grade 1 – Noah Schuh
Grade 2 – Elena Tkachuck
Grade 3 – Craig Oliver
Grade 5 – Jasmine Sydora
Grade 7 – Nathan Sydora
Grade 8 – Tyler Ambrosi
Grade 9 – Mary Kinderwater
Duets – Junior – Meghan Merritt and Matthew Kenney
Duets – Senior – Joshua Schuh and Joshua Schulz

Piano Medallions by Age
11 & under – Matthew Kenney
13 & under – Joshua Schuh
14 & under – Joshua Schulz
18 & under – Tasha Toney
Duets – Esther Draxlir and Noah Schuh
Duets – Meghan Tkachuck and Elena Tkachuck

Instrumental Medallions – Strings
7 & under – Samila Carr
10 & under – Kaycee Wyatt
11 & under – Isaak Bustard
12 & under – Kristen Pundyk
15 & under – Catherine DeCock
Duet – Catherine DeCock and Amelia Woodard

Instrumental Medallions – Winds
Woodwinds – Nathan Sydora

School Choir Plaques
Grade 1-3 – St. Michael’s School (Pincher Creek)
Grade 4-6 – Isabelle Sellon School

Band and Orchestra Plaques
Elementary School Bands – Isabelle Sellon School Grade 6 Band
Crowsnest Pass Symphony Orchestra

Choir Plaques
Crowsnest Community Choir

Music Composition
Mina Wood

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