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Quote of the Week
“The talent in this community is unbelievable.”
- Michele Dobek-Koinberg  


Council to donate to Japan
At the Governance and Priorities Committee meeting on March 29th, Carrie Baher of the Crowsnest Consolidated Parent Advisory Council asked Council to match the funds raised at the school’s fundraiser for Japan relief.
Baher also requested that Council give its support to establishing an official Sister City connection with the city of Hokuto, Japan, due to the special relationship the Crowsnest Pass has formed with the city through the high school’s exchange program.
At the April 5th Council meeting, Council approved the motion to match the donation of $1,500 and donate an additional $1,000, write a letter of support to the mayor of Hokuto, and to support the establishment of Sister City status.
The donation of an additional $1,000 serves to match the $2,500 donation the Crowsnest Pass received from the Town of Hakushu (one of the communities which was amalgamated into the City of Hokuto in 2004) during the Lost Creek Fire in 2003.
Prior to the vote, Councillor Siegbert Gail said he was leery about becoming a sister city to Hokuto, as the process could take quite some time, and he was concerned with burnout from volunteers working on the project, and didn’t feel that it was something Council should be focusing time and resources on.
“It doesn’t fall in line with our priorities at this time,” said Gail.
Councillor Brian Gallant said he fully supported the idea, noting that these projects are largely volunteer run and Council would only have to endorse it.
Councillor Larry Mitchell said the project would not require an excessive amount of work, and that it was more of a formalization of an existing “friendship tie” between the two communities.
The motion to match funds, write a letter of support, and establish Sister City status was passed unanimously.
Spring cleanup downsized and revamped
This year, the residential Spring Cleanup will be changed to Large Item Residential Pickup, and will be restricted to a maximum of three large household items such as kitchen appliances or furniture, and will only be offered to residents with reduced mobility, such as seniors and persons with disabilities.
Councillor Emile Saindon made a motion to rescind the program completely, and that no municipal funds be spent to clean up Crowsnest Pass residential properties.
The motion was defeated 6-1.
Councillor Brian Gallant said he would like to see at least one last year of offering the service, in order to wean people off of the program, and allow them to find alternative means of transporting their items in the future.
“We would be remiss if we pull the rug out from under the people who need this service,” said Councillor Gallant.
“We should give them this last opportunity to move these items out.”
Councillor Larry Mitchell said he too would like to see this serve as the last year for the program, and that next year, the issue of cancelling the program should come to Council well before one month prior to the program’s planned start date.
Councillor Andrew Saje moved to rescind the existing Spring Cleanup policy, which was passed 6-1, with Councillor Saindon opposed.
Councillor Mitchell moved to approve the new Large Item Residential Pickup policy, limited to seniors and the disabled, which was passed 6-1, with Councillor Saindon opposed.
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