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Quote of the Week
“If you go out alone, you will immensely increase your risk of a bear encounter.”
- Amit Saxena  
Bear Specialist   


Mountain Bike Trails Update
John Przeczek of Pryzym Environmental provided Council with an update as to the progress of the Ride Crowsnest Mountain Bike Project, spearheaded by Community Futures, the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), and the United Riders of Crowsnest (UROC).
Przeczek informed Council that the master plan for the project, which will include more than 100 kilometres of mountain bike specific single track and 41 kilometres of intermediate and advanced trails known as an IMBA Epic Trail, was completed at the end of March and is currently under review.
He said Community Futures hopes to have the final draft of the plan prepared by June 30th, before starting construction on roughly 24 kilometres of trail this summer.
Additionally, Przeczek said he expects that plans for the skills park, which will be located near the Albert Stella Memorial Arena at the base of the Pass PowderKeg Ski Hill, will be completed by the end of April.
Community Futures is also working to compile a sustainability plan for the project, which will encompass the areas of the Pass PowderKeg, Allison Chinook, Frank Slide, Deadman’s Pass, the lakes, and York Creek.
Przeczek said the project is currently a couple of months behind schedule, as a result of a number of landowner and government approvals having yet to go through.
He said he was also preparing a letter to Chief Administrative Officer Tully Clifford, as much of the land included in the trails plan is leased by the municipality.
“We need the authority to work on the trail and skills park,” said Przeczek. “We need that authority in order to move forward.”
He said developing the trail system could be an integral component of promoting the Crowsnest Pass as an iconic tourist destination.
Early childhood development mapping project
Council received a presentation from Community Development Zone Coordinator La Vonne Rideout and Pauline Desjardins, chairman of the Crowsnest Pass and Area EC Coalition, regarding the provincial Early Childhood Development (ECD) Mapping Project.
The ECD, a provincial initiative funded through Alberta Education, was officially launched in April by Education Minister Dave Hancock, as a way to better assess the needs of children under the age of three.
“This project will give us a snapshot of how children are doing in each community,” said Rideout, adding that the early years are the most crucial in child development. “The quicker that we help our young ones, the better.”
A survey, called the Early Development Instrument (EDI), has been circulated to 42 school authorities in the province, and so far more than 17,000 children have participated.
The EDI is a population-based measure of the development of kindergarten children, and will be used across Canada, Rideout said.
She said EDI results will be mapped according to the communities in which children live, and the results will be shared with these communities, along with information on socioeconomic factors and community resources that may affect childhood development.
She added that community development coordinators have been working to organize ECD coalitions in 11 zones across Alberta, which will apply for grants and plan ECD initiatives.
Rideout challenged Council to consider the project when making decisions which could affect young families and children.
She said she would also like to see people from the community get involved with the coalition, including parents, school representatives, and business owners.
“We want a really clear representation of the community,” said Rideout.
Orpheum Theatre to be designated as municipal historical resource
Administration made a request that the GPC direct Council to approve the designation of Blairmore’s Orpheum Theatre as a municipal heritage resource at the Council meeting on April 19th, as per recommendation from the Municipal Heritage Board.
Director of Legislative Services Lynn Cox said this project would require no allocation of funds from the 2011 operating budget, as half of the funds will be put up by Orpheum owner Becky Fabro, and the other half will come from the province.
She informed Council that Fabro is also applying for a grant to restore the theatre back to its historical architecture, the deadline for which is September 1st.
Councillor Larry Mitchell made the motion to recommend that Council approve the motion at the April 19th Council meeting.
The motion was passed unanimously.
Request prompts policy development
A request from the Boys and Girls Club of Crowsnest Pass to distribute information about the club’s 2011 fundraising campaign with municipal utility bills prompted Mayor Bruce Decoux to suggest that Council develop a policy with regard to the kinds of materials which can be sent out with bills.
Director of Legislative Services Lynn Cox said Council receives a number of these types of requests from various businesses and organizations every year.
“Perhaps we need to develop a policy to that regard,” said Mayor Decoux. “A policy could possibly address this issue in a more efficient way than we currently address it.”
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