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Quote of the Week
“Don’t allow yourself to be confused into voting for the wrong person.”
- Ted Menzies  


Budget appropriation
Council unanimously approved a proposal to appropriate the budget in order to cover the 10 per cent increase in the 2011 Senior Housing Authority requisition.
This year, the SHA requisition increased from $184,545 to $202,999, a difference of $18,454, which will be generated from decreased operational expenditures.
The offsetting operational expenditures will decrease $1,967 from FCSS wages, $2,443 from Operational Services wages, and $14,044 from administrative wages.
These decreases will result in a delay in hiring an FCSS programmer, Human Resources Clerk, Operational Services Foreman, and temporary Administrative Clerk.

Offsite levy moratorium
Council received correspondence from local realtor John Pundyk, requesting that Council consider placing a two year moratorium on collecting offsite levy fees on the first 50 development permits issued beginning this year.
Pundyk said this incentive program could help spur new home development within the municipality, and that only four single family home development permits have been issued in the first four months of this year.
“If we don’t have new tax payers contributing every year, then we’re all going to shoulder higher costs,” said Pundyk.
He noted that some neighbouring communities do not have offsite levy fees for new developments, and contrastingly, that those in Calgary are significantly higher.
“But we don’t have the lineup of people wanting to build houses that they do,” said Pundyk.
Councillor Jerry Lonsbury moved to defer the matter until a later meeting, when Administration has had the opportunity to do a more sufficient review.
The motion was passed unanimously.

Endorsement policy
Councillor Larry Mitchell made a motion to rescind the policy which forbids Councillors from appearing in promotional endorsement material for any private corporation, development, public offering, private project, or non-governmental process.
Councillor Brian Gallant spoke in favour of the policy, saying that he agreed it was appropriate for Council to adhere to its parameters in many cases.
Councillor Jerry Lonsbury said he would like to see the matter referred to the policy committee for further review before a final decision is reached.
Councillor Mitchell rescinded his original motion, moving to table the motion to the following policy committee meeting.
The motion was passed unanimously.

Temporary road closure
Council received a request from a Bellevue citizens group for a temporary road closure to coincide with and allow for weekly “Summer Sun Celebration” festivities which will take place in Bellevue this summer.
The closure of 213th Street between 24th Avenue and 25th Avenue will take place from the middle of June until the end of August.
The group conferred with local businesses and the Bellecrest Association, all of whom lent their support to the request.
Councillor Larry Mitchell said he would like to see an ad placed in local newspapers letting residents know that the closure will be taking place.
Chief Administrative Officer Tully Clifford informed Council that Administration can require that the group place an ad in both papers.
Councillor Brian Gallant said he would like to see adequate signage well prior to the closure, so that motorists travelling through Bellevue will have ample warning.
Councillor Gallant moved to accept Administration’s recommendation to facilitate the closure.
The motion was passed unanimously.


Boulevard parking
At the March 15th Council meeting, Crowsnest Pass resident Joe Mahieux made a presentation requesting that Council amend the Community Standards Bylaw.
The proposed amendment included the removal of Section 5, which prohibits parking of any vehicles, trailers, or equipment with attached or unattached wheels on municipally owned boulevards.
Administration investigated the matter further, and determined that the Community Standards Bylaw merely provided enforcement options to the municipality through the Bylaw Officer, rather than through the RCMP.
The bylaw does no impose any additional parking restrictions that do not already exist under provincial legislation.
CAO Tully Clifford said the intent of the bylaw was to help clean up the community by disallowing residents from storing junk on their boulevards.
Clifford said Administration received a letter from a local resident, complaining of a neighbour who stores four vehicles, one trailer, two mattresses and a dresser in front of their property on the boulevard.
“People do not want to live across from the town dump,” said Clifford, adding that Section 5 of the bylaw was written in order to quell the issue.
Clifford said there is much better control of these cases if the matter is included in the bylaw, and that fines for infraction range from $25 to $50 to $250, depending on which agency issues them.
Mayor Bruce Decoux said he would like to see some uniformity in the price of these fines, in order to further deter people from cluttering up the boulevards.
Councillor Emile Saindon said Council should continue with the bylaw as is.
“People in contravention should be made to pay a ticket or have their derelict vehicles towed away,” said Saindon.
Councillor Siegbert Gail moved to carry on with the existing bylaw.
The motion was passed unanimously.

Historical resource designation
Councillor Andrew Saje made a motion to defer a meeting with Matthew Francis, Manager of Municipal Heritage Services for Alberta Culture and Community Spirit, until early September.
Council had originally intended to meet with Francis in June, but Mayor Decoux informed Council that June is going to be a very busy month, and that finding time to arrange the meeting could be difficult.
The motion was approved 6-1, with all but Councillor Mitchell in favour.

Orpheum Theatre
Councillor Larry Mitchell moved to begin the process of approving the designation of the Orpheum Theatre as a Municipal Heritage Resource, as per the recommendation of the Municipal Heritage Board.
Administration will provide a 60 day Notice to Designate to theatre owner Becky Fabro.
The motion was approved unanimously.

Library Board appointments
Council received a letter from Pat Korble, Chairman of the Crowsnest Pass Library Board, requesting that Council approve the appointment of Deborah Whitten and Penny Warris the Library Board for a term of three years.
Councillor Brian Gallant made a motion to accept Administration’s recommendation to approve the appointments.
The motion was passed unanimously.

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