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“The real challenge is thinking outside the box.”
- Pam York  


Crowsnest Pass RCMP received a 911 call from a bar on 20th Avenue in Blairmore at approximately 2 a.m. on Saturday, April 23rd, after two men had started a fight with other patrons.
According to Sergeant Scott Howard, upon arrival, police were directed by bar staff to a male individual who had started a fight with other customers.
The man was then arrested, removed from the premises, and placed in the back of the police vehicle.
Upon re-entry, officers observed another fight in progress near the bar.
Several male customers were holding another man, the first man’s brother, down on the ground, after he had tried to instigate a fight with other patrons and brandished a knife at bar staff.
The man was also arrested and removed from the premises and placed in the back of another police vehicle.
Through speaking with staff and patrons, Constable Melanie Sokoloski learned the two males had been attempting to instigate fights with fellow patrons all night, and when they were asked to leave, one of the men struck the bar owner in the face before being wrestled to the ground by staff.
The man made comments to the effect that he was going to “slice them up”, at which point staff removed the knife and waited for police to arrive.
The knife was handed over to Constable Sokoloski, who then headed outside and heard another altercation taking place near the police vehicles.
Constable Charlotte Rockwell had restrained a third male individual against the vehicle, and Constable Sokoloski assisted her in arresting the man and putting him in the vehicle.
The three men were transported to the detachment in Blairmore, where additional officers from Pincher Creek and Brocket attended for assistance, as the men made indications that they planned to fight with officers once released from the vehicle.
The men - 20 and 23-year-old brothers from Blairmore and a 23-year-old from Redcliffe - were held overnight and released the following morning.
Charges are pending.
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   Volume 81 - Issue 18 Website:www.passherald.ca   email: news@passherald.ca   $1.00   
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