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“The real challenge is thinking outside the box.”
- Pam York  


Approximately 50 people attended the premier of the “Historic Coleman Parade and Rodeo Archival Film” at the Orpheum Theatre on Thursday, April 28th.
Fred Bradley, Chairman of the Crowsnest Heritage Initiative and Past President of the Crowsnest Historical Society, filled in for Project Coordinator Dr. Laurel Halladay, by offering information on how the film came to be.
Bradley said the Historical Society was approached by Adrian Fabro in 2002, asking if they would be interested in footage from the 1948 to 1953 Coleman Rodeo and Parade.
As the footage was in 16 mm format, the Fabro family donated the funds necessary to convert the footage to DVD so that it could be enjoyed by all.
Through funding from the Heritage Canada New Horizons grant, and with help from CNP Community Futures and the Coleman Seniors Society, the historical society produced 500 copies of the DVD, which will be sold at the Crowsnest Museum.
“It has been a very successful project,” said Bradley.
Prior to the start of the film, Mayor Bruce Decoux shared some of his memories of attending the rodeo in his younger years, and said he was impressed with the “hard work, persistence and dedication this project has taken to produce this excellent slice of Crowsnest Pass history”.
Joe Trotz
Joe Trotz
“It was a unique time in our history,” said Decoux. “I am so glad it has been (preserved).”
Proceeds from DVD sales will be used for operational costs for the Crowsnest Museum.
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   Volume 81 - Issue 18 Website:www.passherald.ca   email: news@passherald.ca   $1.00   
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