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Quote of the Week
“The real challenge is thinking outside the box.”
- Pam York  


New Girl In TownSince I moved here in October, I have been continually impressed with the amount of talented musicians who reside in this community, and the many more who are drawn to perform here.
In the six short months I have lived in this valley, I have had the opportunity to attend shows at the Blackbird Coffee House, Tin Roof Bistro, Greenhill Hotel, and Rum Runner, featuring such amazing artists as Joshua Cockerill, Chris Carmichael, Sean Pinchin, Sarah Burton, Gordie Tentrees, Ken Hermanson, and Sarah MacDougall, as well as taking in other entertaining shows like Slowcoaster and Cowpuncher.
Not only was I impressed with the musicians themselves, but with the fact that talent of this calibre can be seen in a small community like the Crowsnest Pass.
I come from Vulcan, a town so small that very few bands or solo musicians would even condescend to entertain the idea of playing there.
When I was in 11th Grade, April Wine was set to play a show at the Vulcan Cultural Recreational Centre, but cancelled when they learned the population of the community (or so we were told by the event organizers).

In fact, the only bands I have ever seen perform in Vulcan were local bands - like The Jack Union and The Faculty - and Trooper, who don’t seem to be particularly picky about where they perform.
Needless to say, I was ecstatic to learn that so many talented acts would make their way to the Crowsnest Pass.
Moreover, I am endlessly in awe of the countless singers, songwriters and musicians who call this place home.
Whether I am attending the bimonthly Open Jam at the Greenhill, the Crowsnest Pass Idol competition at the Blairmore Legion, showcases of student talent at the Lundbreck Community Hall, or listening to young children perform piano, violin or vocal pieces at the Crowsnest Pass Music Festival, I can’t help but be blown away by and admire the talent, creativity, dedication, and abundance of the musically and artistically inclined individuals in this community.
With that, I end this open love letter to the musical community of the Crowsnest Pass, and ask nothing more than that you continue to encourage, foster and cherish the talent and rare opportunities of musicians and artists here.

Love, Kimberley

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   Volume 81 - Issue 18 Website:www.passherald.ca   email: news@passherald.ca   $1.00   
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