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“We are going to become stronger financially.”
- Marion Vanoni  


Ted Menzies was re-elected as Member of Parliament for the Macleod riding during the federal election on Monday, May 2nd, taking home 77 per cent of the popular vote.
“I am honoured and humbled to be re-elected,” Menzies said in an interview with the Pass Herald.
In total, 40,008 voters cast their ballot for the Conservative incumbent candidate, nearly eight times as many as voted for NDP candidate Janine Giles, who came in second with 5,334 votes, or 10 per cent.
This trend was echoed all across the country, with 167 of the 308 electoral constituencies voting predominantly Conservative.
“Things worked out well all across the country,” said Menzies of his party’s victory.
In Alberta, the Conservatives took 66.78 per cent of the vote and 27 of the 28 seats, with the remaining seat going to the NDP, who took 16.81 per cent of the vote overall.
At the country-wide level, the Conservatives formed a majority government with 39.62 per cent of the popular vote and 167 seats, and the NDP formed its first ever official opposition with 30.62 per cent of the vote and 102 seats.
“In my heart, I felt we certainly had the potential of forming a majority,” said Menzies. “We kept our focus and didn’t make any grandiose promises.”
“The only promises we made during the campaign were things we could do once the books were balanced, and the voters recognized that credibility,” he said. “There is no sense promising the world if you can’t deliver it, and that is something other parties failed to recognize.”
When it comes to working with the NDP as the official opposition in the House of Commons, Menzies said he is optimistic the two parties will be able to work together for the greater good of the country.
“It could create some challenges, but we’ve worked with them all along,” said Menzies, adding that he feels the NDP’s ideologies do not differ greatly from that of the Liberal party, which had served as the official opposition since the Conservatives took power in 2006.
One thing he said he is concerned about is the level of knowledge and experience of some of the new NDP MPs, many of whom have never served in public office before.
“It will be an interesting dynamic, for sure,” he said.
Menzies said he is happy to see the diminished support of the Bloc Quebecois and the separatist movement in Quebec, which voted predominantly NDP this time around.
“I am a proud Canadian, and I want to see this country held together,” said Menzies. “We may have different ideologies, but the NDP aren’t trying to split the country up either, so I’m optimistic that we can work together.”
When it comes to the Conservatives’ priorities for the next four years, Menzies said he doesn’t see them changing very drastically from what they have been.
“I don’t see us taking a lot of different direction, because there is no need to,” he said. “We have put forward a good, solid plan to get back to a balanced budget, and our main focus now is getting the budget passed, which should go smoother now that we have a majority.”
Menzies said he will continue to spend as much time as possible speaking directly with his constituents about their concerns and priorities, such as taxes, industry, and immigration.
He added that stimulus spending is coming to an end in Macleod, after spending approximately $33 million in the riding as part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan, creating jobs, putting money into infrastructure upgrades, and supporting municipal programs.
In the past year, the government has funded the Crowsnest Community Trails project, and put money into trail and bridge repairs for the Quad Squad, and Menzies said they will continue to support these kinds of projects.
“The way I have represented this riding in the past is the same way I will represent it in the future,” said Menzies.
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