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Quote of the Week
“We are going to become stronger financially.”
- Marion Vanoni  


Motion review
Administration informed Council that the review of the minutes of Council meetings from the past six years had been completed.
The project was undertaken following the December 7th, 2010 Council meeting, where Council passed a motion to review all motions in order to determine any resolutions which had not been acted upon to present.
Administration identified 11 motions, including the Turtle Mountain Riding Club lease, York Creek Dam green water supply, water meters, acquisition of SRD lands, Historical Resources Act clearance, Turtle Mountain Restricted Development area, and underground gas in Bellevue, as well as six land items, which had not been acted on.
Administration asked Council to strike a special meeting at a later date in order to deal with the items more closely.
Councillor Larry Mitchell made the motion to call a special meeting, and the motion was approved by all but Councillor Brian Gallant.
Chief Administrative Officer Tully Clifford told Council further details regarding actions taken on the items will be provided at the meeting.

Crowsnest Lions Club multi-year lease
Council received a request from the Crowsnest Lions Club for a five year lease of the Blairmore Seniors Building for club activities.
The Lions club originally leased the building in 2009, after Council directed Administration to lease the space subject to the club providing structural upgrades to the facility prior to occupancy.
In October 2010, the club requested a multi-year lease in order to apply for grants which would allow them to make the upgrades.
Mayor Bruce Decoux noted that serious improvements need to be made to the foundation, windows, electrical wiring, and roof, as well as putting in new drywall and repainting.
Director of Community Services Cam Mertz said that while none of the significant upgrades have yet to be undertaken, there is a verbal commitment from the club that this is their goal.
“Whether they have the capacity or access to funding to provide those significant upgrades is unknown,” said Mertz.
Councillor Andrew Saje noted the building may be reaching the end of its life expectancy.


“The foundation needs to be replaced, and that indicates to me that it’s at the end of its rope,” said Councillor Saje. “This building is hanging on, and there is a point in a building’s life cycle where you have to say goodbye.”
Councillor Emile Saindon was one of many Councillors who brought up the idea of looking for a suitable alternative to housing club operations at the seniors’ hall.
“We pay 70 per cent of the operating costs, so (we should) potentially look at a second alternative... before we go ahead and spend money on something that is going to fall down in two years,” said Councillor Saindon.”I don’t want to see them kicked out, but maybe an annual lease or another building would be better.”
CAO Tully Clifford noted that there is no guarantee the club will get grant funding for the upgrades, as other community groups will be competing for the same grant opportunities.
Councillor Saje moved to direct Administration to do further research into the matter before providing their recommendation to Council.
The motion was passed unanimously.

First quarter financial report
Council approved the 2011 Audited Financial Statements and directed Administration to forward the 2010 statements to municipal affairs.
Director of Finance and Systems Marion Vanoni told Council she was pleased with the audited financial statements, which show an overall increase in financial assets of $910,000.
“This is not a surplus, but we do have an increase in comparison of assets to liabilities,” said Vanoni. “I see us growing with our cash position, and our liabilities decreasing.”
“We are going to become stronger financially, based on our new policies and changes we are making through our administrative operations,” she said. “Overall, I am very pleased with our financial statements.”
Councillors Larry Mitchell, Andrew Saje, and Siegbert Gail voiced their concern over approving the statements before having the opportunity to go through them in greater detail.
However, Councillor Jerry Lonsbury noted that not approving the statements would not change them.
“We’re not going to change it, it is simply a report of our financial position,” said Councillor Lonsbury.
Councillor Lonsbury made a motion to approve the financial statements, on the condition that in the future, Administration provides the report two weeks prior to review.
The motion was carried, with all but Councillor Mitchell and Councillor Saje in approval.

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