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Kimberley Massey photo
The notice which has been put up at each of the three soccer fields in
the Crowsnest Pass, informing players and parents that the fields
are unsatisfactory for play.
Crowsnest Pass Minor Soccer players may have to wait until Monday, May 16th to begin their season, after being informed last Monday, May 2nd that the fields the players use to practice and compete on have been deemed unsatisfactory for play.
In a message posted at each of the Isabelle Sellon, Horace Allen and Crowsnest Consolidated fields, the Municipality informed players and parents that the decision came as a result of early season condition of the fields, and that they will continue to monitor the condition and open them when appropriate.
Story 1
Kimberley Massey photo
Craig Marshall participates in a drill.
“As a result of the fields being under snow until recently, we have not been able to go in and do our preseason maintenance,” Director of Community Services Cam Mertz said on Friday. “Therefore, due to concern for safety and the exposure to liability for the Municipality, we decided that we would close the fields.”
Mertz said Community Services sent out correspondence to parents and volunteers with Minor Soccer on May 2nd, advising them of the closure.
Toni Gfrerer, one of many Minor Soccer parents and volunteers who were disappointed with the decision, said it is unfortunate the closure could not have been announced prior to the start date.
According to Gfrerer, the first home game for the U14 team was scheduled to take place on Tuesday at ISS, and the first U12 home game was supposed to take place at CCHS on Wednesday, but both games had to be cancelled and rescheduled.
Story 1
Kimberley Massey photo
Triston Slywka kicks the
ball toward the net.
Mertz said crews went out on Thursday and Friday to inspect fields, and that if there was no more snow or rain in the coming days, the field could be open as early as Monday, May 9th.
He said crews are also currently assessing baseball fields, including those at ISS and in Hillcrest which are still covered in snow and ice, and hopes that tee ball will begin next week as well.
“Unfortunately, everything on the south side of the highway is still under snow for the most part, because of the reduced sunlight we get there,” said Mertz. “We are watching them every day, and hope we can provide some safe sports fields in the next couple weeks.”
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